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University Police: Parking and Transportation

Parking Appeals Summary
Meeting: March 30, 2018

  • Appeals heard: 22
  • Upheld: 15
  • Appealed 7

Armstrong State University strives to ensure a safe place for students, faculty and staff to learn, work and live. There are policies and regulations regarding parking on campus that the members of the university are required to abide. The University Police enforce these rules as well as all State of Georgia traffic and parking statutes.

Moving Traffic Violations

Moving traffic violations are violations of the Georgia Traffic Code and not university regulations.

When a student is stopped for a minor moving violation on campus by a University Police Officer, the officer can choose to issue a university ticket rather than a State Traffic Citation for some violations.

When a University Police Officer issues a State Traffic Citation, the defendant must appear in state court at the date and time set by the officer. The defendant is then afforded all due process rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. The defendant may request a trial and may offer evidence as well as confront the officer during testimony.

When a University Police Officer issues a university ticket for a minor moving violation, the student may pay a set fine to the University, which is normally $50, for the violation. The advantage of this procedure is the student does not have to contend with court appearances and the possibility of large fines, as well as points on his/her driver's license and increased insurance premiums. For example, a stop sign violation would cost $50 if a University ticket was issued. If a State Traffic Citation was issued, the violation potentially could cost $200, add 2 points to the driver's license, and require at least one appearance at the court in downtown Savannah.

If a student pays the university ticket, then she/he is voluntarily waiving their due process rights.