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University Police: About

The Armstrong State University Police Department is a full-service law enforcement agency. University Police officers have statutory police authority, as outlined in Georgia Code 20-8-2 and in accordance with the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council, and have police authority on all university property under the direct control of the Board of Regents and property within a radius of 500 yards beyond. The officers are trained at the Southeast Georgia Police Academy and receive additional in-service training in first aid, firearms, drug identification, legal issue updates, etc. Officers are responsible for a full range of police and public safety fire and medical emergencies, traffic accidents, the enforcement of laws, including drug and liquor law violations, and all other incidents requiring police service.

Members of the community are encouraged to report all criminal offenses to the University Police. In an effort to facilitate prompt reporting of offenses, the University Police Department's emergency telephone number is published in the Armstrong telephone directory, and is posted in all student housing facilities.  Armstrong State University maintains a close working relationship with surrounding municipal police departments and the County Sheriff's Department. However, since all campus organizations are housed within the jurisdiction of the University Police, all crime statistics generated from those locations are monitored and reported by the University Police. Local law enforcement agencies do not formally report statistics of off-campus student arrests. However, specific information is reciprocated to these agencies for investigative purposes on a case-by-case basis.


The mission of the Armstrong Police Department is to provide service and leadership to the university community in support of the university's mission and goals. 

Patrol Services

Motorist Assistance

Motorist assistance is done by the University Police for stranded motorists at Armstrong. At least one duty officer is carrying a battery jumpstart box in his or her patrol car. During the daylight hours, the jumpstarts are done by the patrollers, but the officers provide this service free of charge twenty-four hours a day. Officers are not allowed to open locked vehicles, but can provide phone numbers of area locksmiths.

Secured Building Access

Secure building access is supervised through the Armstrong Police. Any student, faculty, or staff member must stop by the Armstrong Police Department or call to be verified, then an officer will assist you in gaining access to your office or lab.

If you are a student attempting to gain access to a lab or classroom, you must first be on an access roster provided by the department/instructor in which you are working. Friends, relatives or especially children are not permitted access with you into the building.

Types of Patrol

Foot Patrol

The majority of patrol is done by officers walking around campus and the residential areas, to include academic buildings. This allows the officers to have a more personal interaction with students, staff, and faculty.

Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle patrol is a supplement of the foot patrol.

Motorized Patrol

The Armstrong Police uses motorized patrol to increase their response time. Motorized patrols consist of police cruisers and trucks as well as All-Terrain Vehicles. While the cruisers and trucks are limited to the roadways, the ATVs can maneuver between buildings, on sidewalks, and wooded areas on campus.

Communications and Records


The University Police is linked by computer to the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC), and the National Crime Information Center via the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System. The Computerized files provide access/information to vehicle, boat and aircraft registration, driver license/history, stolen/recovered vehicles and parts, wanted/ missing person files, stolen guns, articles, securities and criminal history records. All dispatchers are certified terminal operators in accordance with the Rules of the GCIC Council.


The Records Unit receives, maintains and disseminates criminal offense reports and statistics, in compliance with the FBI's Uniform Crime Report (UCR) rules and regulations. The University Police submit a monthly UCR to the FBI through the Georgia Crime Information Center. Statistics pertaining to Part I Criminal Offenses reported and the number of arrests for drug, weapon and liquor law violations are compiled annually and made a part of this website.

Student Assistants - Parking Enforcement

Student workers are an invaluable asset to the police department.  They work with the patrol division by providing vehicle jumps and other motorist assistance.  They also assist police officers by enforcing parking regulations on campus.

As communication officer assistants, student employees work with the university community and the public with parking and visitor needs.

Many of our student workers are dedicated employees of the university that stay with us through their graduation from Armstrong.

Cyber Forensics Division

The Armstrong Police Cyber Forensics Division (CFD) is unique among local and state law enforcement agencies, as well as university police departments in many respects.   All but two of the technicians are police officers and assigned to patrol shifts, giving the CFD true 24-hour per day, 365 days per year operational capability. Members of the team include  Officers Keith Jeffries, Lt. Tiffany Land, Officer Stuart Glasby and Autumn Taylor.  

The CFD operates a state-of-the-art digital forensics lab.  It is equipped with multiple Forensics Recovery of Evidence Devices (FRED) manufactured by Digital Intelligence, the latest versions of FTK software suite, EnCase software suite, Cellebrite Universal Forensics Extraction Device Touch (UFED) with Physical Extractor/Analyzer and related equipment and software, such as Lantern 4 (a logical extraction suite for IOS and Android phones), Mobile Phone Examiner, and Internet Evidence Finder.

The CFD's supervisor lieutenant ensures that all services provided by the CFD are legally and forensically sound.  This level of legal and technical oversight is unique to the CFD.

The CFD can provide a wide range of services involving the forensics examination of computers, cell phones, smart phones, and other electronic devices:


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