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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

At Armstrong, undergraduates pursue investigation, inquiry and creative expression in the sciences, arts and humanities. Armstrong offers many opportunities for students to delve into research-based projects, whether in a classroom setting or in close collaboration with a faculty member. Through these platforms, students gain invaluable skills, foster relationships with faculty and maximize their academic experience.  

Students who collaborate with faculty make significant gains in their ability to think analytically and logically and they learn how to learn on their own. Conducting original research and creating their own conclusions helps undergraduates hone research skills, define their academic interests and objectives and become part of the larger university research community.  Studies, such as one done by John Ishiyama (2002), confirm these findings for the social sciences and the humanities.

Students who participate in an undergraduate research experience are better prepared for graduate and professional school. They have a better understanding of the demands of graduate training in their fields and benefit from exposure to specific research tools, methods and techniques. Most importantly, undergraduate researchers have more highly developed critical thinking skills. For students not planning postgraduate work, the benefits of undergraduate research are also clear, as critical thinking, analytical abilities and problem-solving skills are all enhanced by undergraduate research.

Armstrong Events

Armstrong hosts two great events that are a platform for students to present their undergraduate research projects. Whether it is an oral or poster presentation, Armstrong welcomes any and all academic projects.

Engaging in the Classroom

Within various disciplines, students have been able to participate in classroom opportunities that require them to engage with critical theories, historical artifacts, or comprehensive computational data.

Student Conference Experiences

Students have been able in the past to attend professional conferences on various disciplines alongside Armstrong’s faculty. Visit our Events & Conferences page to know what opportunities are available to students. Pay special attention to the submission deadlines.

Armstrong Undergraduate Research Publications

The Armstrong Undergraduate Journal of History is the brainchild of a History professor, but it is the undergraduates who do the work. They select the pieces, written by fellow undergrads from Armstrong and across the country. If students are looking to publish something within the literary field, students may be interested in the annual Calliope collaboration. For additional opportunities for student publications, visit our Getting Published Page.

Real Student Perspectives and Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research provides real-world experiences and research opportunities for students. Whether through internships, on-campus jobs, research grants, or through connecting our students with local alumni, Undergrad Research at Armstrong facilitates and fosters relationships with students and encourages campus participation.