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Study Abroad - Spain

Date: May 19- June 17, 2018

Cost: $4,182

Long term Study Abroad program in Spain designed for Spanish Majors, Double Majors, and for students wanting to complete a Minor in Spanish during the summer time, while studying abroad.

Students can choose from the four-week program, for 9 credits, 6-weeks for 12 credits, and 8-weeks for 15 credits. A 10-weeks summer program is also available. There are three different option of lodging: Family, Shared Flat, or Student Resident. Also, students can choose to stay in Seville, or do the combined option Seville- Cádiz.

Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities for travel and tours in Spain and the one that best keeps alive the spirit of its traditions. Cádiz is said to be the oldest city in Western Europe, founded by the Phoenicians in the year 1,100 B. C. Its history, culture, gastronomy and beaches make it a wonderful destination for studying abroad.

North American students will have the enriching opportunity to study Spanish and interact with international students from Germany, England, France, Holland, Switzerland, Italy and Russia.

Seville is waiting to welcome you, ¡Vámonos!

Courses Offered

SPAN 3520: Spanish Culture
SPAN 1001: Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1002: Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 2001: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2002: Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 3031: Spanish Conversation and Composition I
SPAN 3032: Spanish Conversation and Composition II
SPAN 3050: Advanced Grammar and Syntax
SPAN 3060: Advanced Grammar and Syntax for Native Speakers
SPAN 4030: Special Topics
SPAN 4040: Spanish Phonetics

Contact Director

Dr. Ana Torres

Dr. Bill Deaver