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Study Abroad - Germany

Date: May 15- June 2, 2018

Cost: $3,642 plus tuition

Explore the diversity, beauty, and excitement of Germany. Starting at the Hamburg, the Gateway to Europe and the second largest city in Germany. Moving to the beautiful eastern city of Magdeburg to visit our sister university, Otto Von Guericke University. Stopping at the capital Berlin to see the Brandenburg Gate and the Bavarian mountains in Munich. This trip will also visit Prague in the Czech Republic- the only city not ravaged by World War II. An active trip that involves biking, hiking and more.

Courses Offered

SABR 2960: German Culture (Core B2)
ECON 1101: Survey of Economics (Core E3 or E4)
ECON 4450: Comparative Economics
CHEM 4950: Special Topics in Chemistry
SCIE 1212: Chemical Environment (Core D1, D2, D3 for non-science majors)

Contact Directors

Dr. Jason Beck

Ms. Suzy Carpenter