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Study Abroad - Cuba

Date: July  2018

Cost: $4,488 plus tuition

Learn about the history, culture, and contemporary issues affecting this fascinating island nation. Cuba is a blend of cultures- Latin American, European, and African- which creates a unique environment that students will be able to experience. Students will be exposed to an array of cultural activities and  tudy excursions designed to encourage direct interact with the Cuban people. We will study the rich heritage of Cuba, as reflected in its cultural, economic, and political institutions. We will learn about the island’s pre and post-revolutionary history. We will study Cuban music and dance, the education and healthcare systems, and even the rich natural environment. With Cuba on the verge of dramatic change, this frozen-in-time nation, just starting to open up, is a compelling place to study. 

Courses Offered

SOCI 3490: Comparative Societies, Politics and Institutions: Cuba
 SABR 2960: Study Abroad: Cuba
SOCI 2000: Global Sociology
SOCI 4010 Special Topics in Sociology

Contact Directors

Ned Rinalducci

Jolene Byrne