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Study Abroad - Argentina

Date: June 7 - 27, 2018

Cost: $3,520 plus tuition

From exploring the vibrant, international city of Buenos Aires to the high, dry caves of the Andes and all the lush valleys in between, students will challenge themselves to gain an expanded perception of the world and their place in it from both an art and anthropological perspective.
We begin by spending 4 days experiencing the street art, taking tango lessons,  and exploring the distinctive neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. We stay in the neighborhood of Recoleta, with its major museums and cultural sites. Six days will be spent in the Spanish colonial city of Salta, Argentina, known for its clear blue skies, stunning landscapes, diverse climates and traditional culture. We stay in the downtown area close to the main plaza within easy walking distance to museums, theaters, cafes, and cathedrals. While there, 3,000 Gauchos, dressed in traditional red ponchos with black stripes, leather chaps, and black boots ride in from all over the province for the Grand Gaucho Parade and festival. Undoubtedly, visiting the city means exploring the numerous cafes, hearing traditional music, and tasting the worldwide known“empanadas”.  Highlights will include visits to the Iglesia San Francisco, the Cathedral, and The Museum of High Altitude Archaeology.  This museum houses the mummies of three Inca children found frozen at the peak of Mount Llullaillaco, 6,700 m. above sea level.  In the Northwest of Argentina, students will visit tropical rainforests and immerse themselves in the indigenous communities of the Wichi, Chané and Guarani, participating in service projects and learning art techniques from master artisans.  On a family ranch in the Andes, we hike to paint and photograph secret mountain lakes and caves, visiting archeological sites and learning about pre-Inca cultures.
“As the trip progressed, I began noticing simple, but indescribable things: A cluster of city lights glimpsed briefly through a window, a giant steel flower reflecting the sun setting on Buenos Aires, alien constellations viewed from horseback.  I collected these moments as I travelled, knowing that I would eventually try to recreate them but conceding that no one would ever really understand their significance unless they experienced it for themselves.”
Marisa Stewart

Courses Offered

SABR 2960: Argentinean Culture (Core B2)
ARTS 4890: Arts in Argentina
ARTS 4900: Beginning Painting and Drawing
ANTH 3030: Forensic Anthropology
CRJU 3030: Forensic Anthropology

Contact Directors

Rachel Green

Virginia Estabrook