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Undergraduate Research: Student Conference Experiences

The 2013 Popular/American Culture Association in the South Conference

Eric Curry, Dr. Jason Tatlock, Tannie Arnsdorff, and Victoria Do

The Popular Culture Association in the South and The American Culture Association in the South hosted their annual conference in Savannah, Georgia at the Marriot Riverfront, on October 3-5, 2013.  The conference played host to presentations from a varying array of academic fields and professions all interested in the study of popular aspects within our culture.

Dr. Tatlock and three of his Armstrong students composed a panel on popular conceptualizations of human sacrifice in a variety of media for the 2013 conference.  During a course on topics in Middle Eastern history, human sacrifice, the course centered on the historical and theoretical aspects of human sacrifice with a focus on Near Eastern history.  When given the chance to prepare a conference paper on popular culture, the students used their knowledge from the course to research separate areas within popular culture that are all intrinsically tied to the history of human sacrifice.  The result was a panel that discussed everything from Herodotus, black metal music, and the beloved Harry Potter series within the context of ritual killings.  The panel received close to thirty minutes of questions and discussion combined.

All of the students received individual Undergraduate Research Grants that covered their conference registration cost, membership with the PCAS and ACAS, and research materials.

Art History Paper Presentation

Professor Deborah Jamieson, Assistant Professor of Art History

The Annual Undergraduate Art history Forum invites undergraduate art history students from all Georgia colleges and universities to submit proposals for papers to be read at the forum. Papers may treat any topic in the history of art, and one proposal per student is allowed. Students typically submit abstracts in January and, if accepted, are invited to present their research in early March.

The Twelfth Annual Art History Forum was held March 1, 2013 and was hosted by the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design at Georgia State University. Two Armstrong seniors who are completing the bachelor of fine arts in visual arts were invited to attend. Yolanda Perez presented Liberating the Female of Color Stereotype through Art: An Exploration of Sofia Maldonado, and Jane Ruff presented Maude Schuyler Clay: The Story of the Mississippi Delta.