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Undergraduate Research: Classroom Experiences

Curating History

Assistant Professor of History Michael Benjamin & Hist 5980: Public History

Students enrolled in Dr. Michael Benjamin’s Public History course curated an exhibit of books by and about the African-American experience that was on display at the Southwest Chatham branch of Live Oak Public Library. Dr. Benjamin gave students access to his impressive personal collection of books by African-Americans to select a broad range of texts that reflect African-American history. They organized their exhibit chronologically and wrote the exhibition copy. Students also did their own census of books at the Carnegie Library branch to discover what African-Americans in Savannah were reading and collecting in the era before integration. The whole class held a public panel discussion attended by local media outlets and the director of the Live Oak Public Library system at the end of the semester.

Managerial Economics Data Collection

Jason Beck, Assistant Professor of Economics & Econ 3500 Managerial Economics

Dr. Jason Beck, Assistant Professor of Economics, involved undergraduates in his ECON 3500: Managerial Economics class collecting data for study of the effect of geographical proximity of competitors on retail price in the supermarket business. The hypothesis was that, controlling for other factors, stores with competitors very close by would have lower prices than those that were more isolated. Each student picked a supermarket and collected pricing data, then they aggregated it all together and analyzed the findings as a class. One student in the econometrics class continues working with Dr. Beck on this project.

Sociology UR Embedded in Syllabus

In Dr. Ned Rinalducci’s Media and Society course, they discuss the media frames that news organizations use to report stories. These frames make it easier for consumers to understand stories, but limit the nature of the reporting. Each student enrolled in class was instructed to find 5-10 news articles, from national and international sources, on the riots in England of August this year and try to identify the media frames being used. It appears that the Western media had a hard time explaining the riots. Students were asked on a voluntary basis to go further with the assignment and perform a content analysis on the various articles. This project will serve as a preliminary analysis for future work on the topic and will be presented by the students at the Georgia Sociological Association’s annual meeting in October.