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Advisement & Registration

Advisement & Registration: Where to Start

Getting advised and registering for classes is a breeze with these quick steps that will help you know who your advisor is, what courses are available, what you need for your major and more.

The Basics

Continuing your academic career can seem overwhelming, but Armstrong provides students with the resources they need to start strong and stay strong. Beginning the advisement process is a big step in ensuring future success.

Browsing Classes

Armstrong is proud to offer 100+ degrees and programs, and that means multiple course options for students. Identifying classes that are interesting is a great way to understand what major appears most suitable.

Understanding a Major

Deciding where to go is the first step to getting there. The following resources are great tools to helping decide where to set sail and what is required to make those plans a reality.

Taking the Next Step

The final step in the advisement process is to register for classes and gather the required textbooks. These links will guide you through this process.