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Current Students

Welcome to the Current Students Hub!

Armstrong is committed to your growth and success as a life-long learner and engaged citizen. Success in the classroom may start with selecting your schedule with your advisor or seeking assistance of a tutor, but your involvement and engagement in all that Armstrong has to offer is truly what completes your transformation into a proud Armstrong graduate!

Our Current Students hub provides you with a single point of entry for resources such as important contacts, upcoming events, advisement and registration, academic support services and more. We hope you'll return to this page frequently as you continue your educational journey at Armstrong.

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 As resources and services transition over the coming months, use the link above for important information to guide you through the upcoming semesters.

Getting Started

You’re officially a Pirate! Now what? Check out these need-to-know resources to get your first year started.

Advisement & Registration

Getting advised and registering for classes is a breeze with these tips that will help you know who your advisor is, what courses are available, what you need for your major and more.

Money Matters

We know that money matters and we’ve made managing your finances at Armstrong easier than ever.

Student Services

At Armstrong, we've got your back, offering the support you need to make your time here smooth and comfortable.

Academic Resources

Armstrong offers multiple academic resources to make sure that students' educations are as advanced and well-rounded as they are.

Facilities & Activities

We're here to meet your everyday needs. Browse and find what Armstrong resources suit your interests.

Undergraduate Student Research

At Armstrong, undergraduates pursue investigation, inquiry, and creative expression in the social sciences, arts and humanities. Discover the information you need to supplement your education with research opportunities.

Study Abroad

Ready to take your academic experience to the next level? Check out the opportunities we offer to help you go above and beyond just attending class.


As a graduate student, you’re a special breed of student. That’s why we have resources set aside just for your unique needs.