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Student Life - Greek Life

Living the Greek Life!

Armstrong Greek life has 14 fraternity and sorority organizations. Armstrong's Student Life department assists chapters in maintaining local and national requirements. We promote student development by supporting opportunities for fraternal friendships centered on scholarship, community service and campus involvement. We also encourage and support self-governance, while providing advice and education to ensure a positive fraternity/sorority experience.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood

The friendships that our members make within their chapters are the ones that last a lifetime. Whether you came to college not knowing a single person or knowing several people, the opportunity to be a part of a brotherhood or sisterhood transcends your college years. Lifelong friendships and associations are made through active participation in a Greek organization.

Successful Leadership

Greek Life provides an excellent place to gain the experience and knowledge necessary for successful leadership. Each Greek chapter is self-governing and relies on the special talents of its members for successful management. Serving as an officer on the executive board or on a committee, develops leadership skills in the areas of self-responsibility, decision-making and communication. Leaders in the Greek community develop such skills as goal setting, delegation, working with a group, planning activities, solving problems, time management and focused decision-making.

Academic Support

Academics and learning are the most important aspects of college life and each Greek chapter sets its own standards. The academic portion of your college life is a significant determinant of your future success.

Service and Philanthropy

Our campus and the Savannah/Chatham County area annually reap the benefits of being home to the Armstrong Greek community. Greeks sponsor many community service activities throughout the year. These activities, known as philanthropies, can involve members from one chapter or all members of the Greek community. Some of the projects that chapters are involved with include raising money for the Light the Night, Bethesda Home for Boys, the Ronald McDonald House, breast cancer awareness and voter registration. Time is also donated by members to help tutor at local elementary schools.

Social and Recreation Involvement

Being Greek gives you the opportunity to meet new friends through participation in events like Homecoming, formals, Greek Night, intramurals and many other social activities.

Alumni Networking

Greek membership is for a lifetime. One of the greatest benefits that comes with being a member of the Greek community are the relationships you make with alumni, providing opportunities for networking and mentoring during the college years and throughout your career. Because their Greek experience was so meaningful, many alumni "give back" to their organization by volunteering their time on a chapter advisory board or as a regional or district officer.