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Foram Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center

The Foram Sustainable Aquaponics Research Center (SARC) is a joint venture between Armstrong State University and the Foram Foundation. Our aquaponics system is located in an approximately 4100 square foot greenhouse that supports student and faculty research in areas of Biology, Chemistry, Economics and Engineering.

Want to Donate to SARC?

Our mission is to conduct cutting-edge research, and to develop technologies and best practices that improve the sustainability and profitability of soilless farming techniques. If you would like to donate to SARC, and support this mission, please click HERE.  Choose "other" in the Designation drop down menu and please place fund #2707 in the optional comment box.

Our Facility

The SARC facility is a state of the art system designed to research the economic and biological sustainability of aquaponics systems. SARC has four independent recirculating systems, each containing 900 gallon tanks capable of holding over 100 mature tilapia (1-2 lbs/each) and 224 square foot runways for growing plants. This proprietary system was uniquely built to conduct controlled scientific research.  This allows the center to develop targeted experiments with the goal of improving the economic viability of large-scale aquaponics as a means of sustainable food growth requiring less resources and space.

Fish are raised, bred, harvested and sold. Fish waste is collected and concentrated to fertilize plants. Plants grow entirely in water, allowing faster growth. Plants absorb nutrients from fish wast, cleaning the water. Plants are harvested and sold. Water cleaned by plants is recirculated into fish tank.

Special thanks to our collaborator Billy's Botanicals for their continued support.  Learn more about this local aquaponics business here.

FORAM SARC was highlighted by FOX 28 News at 10.  For the the news article and video clip click here.

WTOC recently interviewed and visited our SARC facility.  For the news article and video clip click here.

Savannah morning news recently visited our SARC facility.  For the news article click here.

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