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Science & Technology: Scholarships

Scholarship Opportunities


CST Foundation Scholarships​

Please consider donating to the funds below to support student scholarships in STEM.  Armstrong students, please contact the department listed to obtain information on how and when to apply.

Fund Number  Fund Name
168  Biology Scholarship
181  Karla Alwan Computer Science Fund
194 Computer Science General Scholarship
195 Math General Scholarship
197 Math Special Needs Scholarship
218A Information Technology Scholarship Fund
219A Engineering Studies Scholarship Fund
226 Richard B. “Buddy” DeYoung Scholarship (Engineering)
251 Davelyn Vinson Excellence in Mathematics Education Award
279 Parkersburg Garden Scholarship Award (Biology)
308 The Bhatia Foundation Scholarship (Computer Science)
333 Robert A. Kolodny  Scholarship (Chemistry/Physics)
346 Lancy C. Jen Computer Science Scholarship
347 Lancy C. Jen Mathematics Scholarship
361 Dr. Henry and Ann Brandt Family Scholarship (Pre-med)
369 Leslie Strozier Memorial Scholarship (Mathematics)
388 Dr. Martha B. Fay Scholarship (Chemistry/Biology)