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Science & Technology: Dean’s Recognition as a Research Scholar Program

Dean's Recognition as a Research Scholar

The College of Science and Technology (CST) is pleased to announce our new undergraduate research transcript notation program that will start spring 2016.  This program will allow students that conduct undergraduate research the chance to earn special recognition from the Dean of CST.  This recognition will come in the form of a "comment" on their transcript as well as an invitation to the Dean's Recognition as a Research Scholar reception where the students will receive a cord for graduation as well as a certificate from the Dean.  The transcript notation will state "Dean's Recognition as a Research Scholar".  This transcript notation can be applied as soon as you meet the criteria.  So, we encourage you to find a research advisor now and begin contributing to the exciting scientific discovery process!

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 2016 Recipients

Student Degree Title of Paper/Thesis Student Coathored Publications                 
Savannah D. Chiarello B.S of Biology

Examining phenotypic plasticity in Hydrocotyle bonariensis in response to variations in soil conditions

Tiffany Whetzel B.S of Psychology Helping students identify relevant information on PowerPoint slides : Relevance definition training North American Journal of Psychology   
Rebekah Robinson B.S of Biology  and B.S of Biochemistry Understanding the molecular details behind perforin's function              Two papers in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education  - Paper one and Paper two
Travis  Draud B.S of Biology Predation on mud snail egg capsules and veligers by invertebrates inhabiting the invasive alga Gracilaria vermiculophylla


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