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CACE Faculty & Staff

CACE Staff

Mr. Scott C. Scheidt, Director, Center for Applied Cyber Education

Mrs. Autumn Taylor, CACE Special Programs Manager

COL (R) Peter Hoffman, Director, ASU Government Relations and Community Engagement

CACE Faculty (Computer Science and Information Technology)

Dr. Hong Zhang, Professor - Department Head

Dr. Ashraf Saad, Professor - Computer Science

Dr. Daniel Liang, Professor - Computer Science

Dr. Ray Hashemi, Professor - Computer Science

Dr. Amar Rasheed, Assistant Professor - Computer Science

Dr. Felix Hamza-Lup, Associate Professor- Computer Science

Dr. Hongjun Su, Associate Professor - Computer Science

Mr. Frank Katz, Professor - Information Technology

Dr. Kam Lau, Associate Professor - Information Technology

CACE Faculty (Department of Criminal Justice, Social & Political Science)

Dr. Daniel Skidmore-Hess, Professor - Department Head

Dr. Michael Donahue, Professor - Criminal Justice

Dr. Dennis D. Murphy, Professor - Criminal Justice

Dr. Katherine Bennett, Professor - Criminal Justice

Dr. Kevin Jennings, Assistant Professor - Cyber Crime

Dr. Maxine Bryant, Lecturer - Criminal Justice

Dr. Becky K. da Cruz, Professor - Law & Society

Dr. Ned Rinalducci, Associate Professor - Sociology

Dr. José de Arimatéia da Cruz, Professor - Cyber Policy

CACE Faculty (Department of Health Professions)

Dr. Robert LeFavi, Professor - Department Head

Dr. Paula Tillman, Assistant Professor - Health Informatics

CACE Cyber Forensics Staff

Mrs. Autumn Taylor, A.C.E.

Mr. Tyler Norris, A.C.E.

A.C.E.denotes AccessData Certified Examiner

CACE Cyber Intelligence Social Media Analytics (CISMA) Staff 

Mrs. Autumn Taylor, A.C.E.