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The Cyber Forensics Division was featured in an article in the Aug/Sept issue of South Magazine. Pictured left to right: Mr. Stuart Glasby, Lt. Joe Peny, Officer Keith Jeffries, Lt. John Taylor, Lt. John Bennett, Lt. Isaac Strickland. Photo credit: South Magazine.

Cyber Forensics Division, Armstrong Police Department

The Armstrong Police Cyber Forensics Division (CFD) is unique among local and state law enforcement agencies as well as university police departments in many respects.  The division currently consists of a supervisory police lieutenant and eight trained and certified forensics analysts.  The lieutenant is an attorney admitted to the Georgia Bar and an expert in cyber and international law.  All but two of the technicians are police officers and assigned to patrol shifts giving the CFD true 24 hour per day, 365 days per year operational capability. Members of the team include Lieutenants John Taylor (Commander), John Bennett and Joe Peny as well as Sergeant Meagan Zike.  Other sworn members of the team include Officers Keith Jeffries, Tiffany Land, and Tanya Stewart. Non-sworn members of the team include Stuart Glasby and Autumn Taylor.

The CFD operates a state of the art digital forensics lab.  It is equipped with multiple Forensics Recovery of Evidence Devices (FRED) manufactured by Digital Intelligence, the latest versions of FTK software suite, EnCase software suite, Cellebrite Universal Forensics Extraction Device Touch (UFED) with Physical Extractor/Analyzer and related equipment and software such as Lantern 4 (a logical extraction suite for IOS and Android phones), Mobile Phone Examiner, and Internet Evidence Finder.

The CFD's supervisor lieutenant ensures that all services provided by the CFD are legally and forensically sound.  This level of legal and technical oversight is unique to the CFD.

The CFD can provide a wide range of services involving the forensics examination of computers, cell phones, smart phones, and other electronic devices:

  • Case by case legal evaluation for each cyber investigative initiative
  • Imaging of digital storage devices with confirmation of evidential integrity.
  • Data preservation and recovery services.
  • Identify and recover erased or deleted data (Pictures, Cell phone calls, Email, Text messages, Files, and User activity).
  • Document user and file activity
  • Data sifting that includes advanced key word searches, date searching, and data segregation.
  • Data linking
  • Authenticate data files.
  • Provide historical record of the content of files, including recovered data and files.
  • On-scene recovery and preservation of volatile memory in forensically sound manner
  • On-scene preview of hard drives/computer systems
  • Properly prepare and package electronic storage devices for evidence
  • Conduct proactive computer system audits
  • Data wiping service
  • 24 hours/365 day availability

For more information, contact:
Lieutenant John Taylor, J.D., LL.M.
Cyber Forensics Division
Armstrong Police Department



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