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Strong Stories: Shah Ramli

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HometownSavannah, Ga. Degree Class of 2003
B.A. in Art

Shah Ramli

Senior User Experience and Visual Designer, Equifax Global Consumer Solutions

What did you love most about Armstrong and why? 
I mainly loved the diversity of people that Armstrong had while I was in school. I had many classmates from all walks of life, such as people from other countries or people coming back to earn their seconddegrees later on in life. They taught me so much about the world that I hadn't yet explored at the time.

How did Armstrong help you succeed in your field? 
Since I was always creative for as long as I can remember, Armstrong exposed me to many wonderful professors that nurtured my creativity. They encouraged me to focus on growing my talents to a professional level. 
Through their guidance, I was able to discover that my love was to create art through the digital media, and I made a career out of it.

Who was your favorite professor and why? 
My favorite professor has to be the late Dr. Jill Miller. My two loves have always been art and history, and Dr. Miller was exceptional because she delivered in art history lectures like they were something out of a story book. She accepted nothing less than my best, and in turn, her style of teaching made me into a better student in not only my art history class, but also my other classes.

Why did you decide to attend Armstrong? 
Since I grew up in Savannah, I had many friends and a family member that attended Armstrong. They were always raving about what a good school Armstrong was and how exceptional the faculty and staff were inhelping students achieve their potential, so I wanted to be a part of that environment. 
I've always wanted to get my higher education at a highly accredited university, and I was lucky that Armstrong was in my hometown.

What is your favorite memory of your time at Armstrong? 
The most fun that I had was meeting my friends and making new ones at the cafeteria in between classes. It was a nice hangout spot for me to catch up with other students, see how their classes were going and what their professors were like. It was a place where people actually socialized because this was before social media existed.

Did you do any extracurricular activities and/or internships that were particularly memorable? 
I remember going to the openings of gallery shows at the Fine Arts building as much as I could to hear the guest artists or the students talk about their work, and it helped me prepare for my own senior show by just observing them. 
I would also go to Armstrong's theater to watch students do their plays or performance pieces. I remember that I enjoyed viewing those very much because the students were always so talented.

What is your best advice to current Armstrong students? 
My biggest advice to current students is to pursue internships or find good mentors that you can shadow because you can learn so much more beyond the classroom. Life experiences are one of the biggest teachers that we can have, and we learn our lessons much more by going through them than by reading about them alone. 
If you have a mentor to teach you about the field that you are interested in while actually guiding you through it, then you will have an advantage because you will offer more than your degree when you pursue a career after graduation.

Why are you proud to be an Armstrong alum? 
I am proud to be part of the great tradition that is the Armstrong Alumni Association. I am also proud that I was able to find a career that allows me to be a thoughtful leader in a creative field, and it’s all because Armstrong provided me with the skills I needed to be successful.