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Strong Stories: Amy Neely

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HometownSavannah, Georgia Degree Class of 2017

Amy Neely

Armstrong State University has helped Amy Neely realize her true potential. After receiving the confidence boost she needed from her professors, she has taken full advantage of the opportunities Armstrong has to offer.

“I was originally insecure in my academic abilities. I never thought I would do well enough to do something worthwhile, but my research professor as well as many others in the Chemistry department helped me realize I actually have a lot of potential.”

The Science Center on campus has become like a “home” to Neely as she has spent the majority of her 4 years at Armstrong in the building.

“It’s pretty great. It’s like we have our own little community upstairs,” she says. “They’re my chemistry family.”

Receiving numerous undergraduate research grants and scholarships, Neely has maintained a high 3.87 GPA and her passion for success has kept her motivated. She has presented at Armstrong’s Student Scholar’s Symposium twice—and will again in April—on her research on a protein that can affect future therapeutics for cancer or diabetes patients.

In March, she will be presenting at the “Experimental Biology: Transforming the Future Through Science” conference in Chicago on her progress with enzymes that help degrade certain plastics.

“I didn't realize this until I started doing research and going to undergraduate conferences, but going to a smaller university like Armstrong has some major advantages. Most of the other undergrads that present research at conferences haven't actually done any of the research. The grad students do the work.”

Neely has no plans to stop after a Biochemistry degree from Armstrong. She will be one of the first to graduate with a Bachelor of Science from Armstrong’s interdisciplinary Biochemistry program that was established in the Fall of 2014.  

“My plan is to go to graduate school and get a Ph.D. in Biochemistry or another closely related field,” Neely says. “I still feel like I have so much to learn and experience.”