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USG Travel Policy Changes

(9/19/17) Effective 9/1/2017, The State Accounting Office (SAO) has made some changes to the University System travel policy. The most dramatic change that will affect all employees pertains to meal reimbursement for “in state” overnight travel.  Please note the following:

Section 4.4:
In State Overnight Travel Employees traveling within the State of Georgia or “In State” overnight are eligible for per diem amounts designed to cover the cost of three (3) meals per day for all days on travel status including the day of departure and the day of return. Employees traveling overnight “In State” are eligible for 100 percent (100%) of the total per diem rate on the first and last day of travel. For example, if the per diem rate allows a $28 total reimbursement, the traveler would receive a full daily reimbursement amount, less any provided meals. For example, if lunch was provided at a conference, the total allowable reimbursement for that day would be {$28 less $7 lunch} = $21.

For your information, below is the link on the Business and Finance website to access the SAO travel policy:

As always, if you have any problems or questions regarding travel and reimbursements, please contact Daphne Burch at 912-344-2647 or

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