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Finishing Strong: Oluwaseun Arnold Ogunmoyero

Oluwaseun Arnold Ogunmoyero

Name: Oluwaseun Arnold Ogunmoyero  
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Degree: B.A. in Chemistry  
Graduation: May 2017

Oluwaseun Arnold Ogunmoyero will proudly graduate magna cum laude from Armstrong on May 6.

Hailing from Baltimore, then East Atlanta, Ogunmoyero was interested in attending a university with a lower professor-to-student ratio, where he could get to know faculty members, as well as other students.

“What I love about Armstrong is its size,” he raves. “It's just right. I can see the same faces every day, which helps out with friendships because I can always say ‘hi,’ building small connections. It also helps with professors because they aren't in a separate castle.”

During his time as an undergraduate at Armstrong, Ogunmoyero tutored students and participated with campus groups like Christians in Action and Gaming Guild. Hard work pulled him through rigorous coursework in subjects ranging from chemistry to psychology, but support from his favorite professors, Dr. Lea Padgett and Dr. Joshua Lambert, gave him an extra push to better himself.

“Both faculty members saw something I never really see in myself and taught me the importance of observing people,” says Ogunmoyero. “In both professors' classes, I learned more than just algebra and chemistry. I learned to address peoples’ needs and meet others where they are without judgment.”

Those lessons will serve him long after graduation, as he faces his future with confidence and pride.

Jennifer Zettler

“I love interaction with the students.”

Jennifer Zettler
Teaching since: 2002