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Finishing Strong: Lindsey Speaks

Lindsey Speaks

Name: Lindsey Speaks
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia
Degree: B.S. in Applied Mathematics
Graduation Date: December 2017

Next week, Savannah native Lindsey Speaks will earn a B.S. in Math and finally be able to turn her favorite childhood subject into a professional career.

“With the Department of Mathematics’ great realm of statistics-based courses, I have had the opportunity to learn all that I needed to before taking a series of renowned actuarial tests,” Speaks explains.

With plans to become a property and casualty actuary, a professional who evaluates risk exposures in the insurance industry, Speaks feels fortunate to have found a niche where economics, insurance and complex math problems meet.

She’s quick to note that her best career preparation did not come from an outside workforce venture, but rather from sticking close to the classroom as a mathematics tutor and teaching assistant.

“Becoming a teaching assistant helped me learn how to process mathematical concepts in many different ways,” she says. “That is a very important skill for my specific career, since I’ll be dealing with mathematical concepts but will need to be able to simplify them for the general public.”

Finishing Strong, Speaks, who is a 2017 Outstanding Tutor Award winner and member of the Pi Mu Epsilon National Math Honor Society and the National Society of Leadership and Success, credits Armstrong’s close-knit community and accessible professors for her collegiate success.

“Armstrong is a prestigious university, and it has been an honor to attend this school,” she says.

Sara Plaspohl, Ph.D.

“It’s fun to see students go out and succeed after they graduate from Armstrong"

Sara Plaspohl, Ph.D.
Teaching since: 1994