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Finishing Strong: Kylie Fields

Kylie Fields

Name: Kylie Fields
Hometown: Winston, Georgia
Degree: B.A. in English/Professional Communications
Graduation: May 2017

On May 6, Kylie Fields will walk across the commencement stage to receive a B.A. in English/Professional Communications from the university that helped to develop her passion for storytelling.

“The choose-your-own-adventure nature of a Professional Communications degree allowed me to study everything from technical, freelance and creative writing to principles of photojournalism and graphic design,” says Fields, who draws personal inspiration from her favorite author and local writing legend, Flannery O’Connor. “Because of this degree, I’m ready for anything a communications job could possibly throw my way.”

Always a left- and right-brained creative thinker, Fields has found her niche as an intern on Gulfstream Aerospace’s Corporate/External Communications team, where her ability to combine both the humanities and technology has helped her excel. Over the last year, Fields has helped the aircraft giant execute a worldwide media strategy by crafting consistent brand messaging.

Fields credits her course opportunities and on-campus participation with The Inkwell, Armstrong’s student-run newspaper, for setting her up to succeed.

“The feeling of working with my Inkwell team every week and bringing something to life from a blank slate has been indescribable,” she says. “You learn teamwork, tackle ethical decisions, get published and, most importantly, you have a voice with the power to make waves. My editorial experience and Inkwell articles have absolutely been the factors in landing my jobs.”

Prior to Gulfstream, Fields got her first taste of professional writing while working at home before college for The Times-Georgian, a news leader in Carroll County. She has also worked with Feminists United and the International English Honor Society Sigma Tau Delta. As well, Fields spent a semester studying abroad in Italy where she developed her skills as a travel writer.

“Going to school at Armstrong has taught me to go after every opportunity with the confidence that my education will speak for itself, and it has,” says the upcoming graduate. “With opportunity comes responsibility, and I know that through the things I’ve done and the places I’ve traveled, I have the skills and independence to hit the ground running in the professional world.”

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly
Class of 2018
Richmond Hill, Georgia