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Finishing Strong: Emilie Welch

Name: Emilie Welch
Hometown: Ashland, Missouri
Degree: BSEd in Early Childhood Education
Graduation: December 2016

“Teaching is my passion,” says Emilie Welch, who will walk across the stage to receive a BSEd in Early Childhood Education on Dec. 10. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Yet, it wasn’t until her husband’s military career brought her to Savannah -- and she found Armstrong -- that she committed to fulfilling a dream that began with a child’s insight several years prior.

“I was working at a daycare, and a little girl asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up,” she remembers. “At the time, I was considering becoming a high school teacher, so I said ‘a teacher,’ and she looked at me like I was crazy and said, ‘But you’re already a teacher; you’re mine.’ From that moment on, I realized how much I loved watching children’s eyes light up.”

Welch, who served as president of Armstrong’s Georgia Association of Educators for the past year and is a member of the Kappa Delta Pi international honors society, credits the faculty at Armstrong with helping her achieve her goal.

“I know my professors and faculty truly care about my education and my career,” she notes. “They have pushed me to my limits, and beyond, because they know how high I can reach. I have enjoyed my academic experience at Armstrong.”

Due to Armstrong’s partnership with Hesse Elementary School, Welch completed dual internships with the local K-8 flagship. Following a powerful mentorship with educator Kathy Turner, who taught her how to manage the challenges of the profession, she was offered a job at Hesse Elementary and will begin after graduation.

“Teaching changes children's lives,” she says. “It shows them to become responsible adults. It can be exhausting, but it is so rewarding.”

Brent Feske, Ph.D.

"I love seeing students get inspired by chemistry, in the classroom and in the lab."

Brent Feske, Ph.D.
Teaching since: 2005