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Armstrong Center: Reserve a Space

Facility and Service Policies

Georgia Southern University: Armstrong Campus
A Unit of the University System of Georgia


  1. The Armstrong Center is dedicated to extending the resources of the University to promote lifelong learning and to provide facilities and services for State of Georgia departments and agencies, educational, business, and nonprofit groups, other USG institutions and the community.
  2. Eligibility for Use
    The center consists of specialized learning environments for conferences, workshops, symposia, meetings, professional development, training and public and private events.

    Other individuals or groups (not previously identified) may reserve space and services of the center if they meet ALL of the following conditions (1-4):
    1. The function needs at least one of these unique features offered by the center:
      • Staff expertise in program design, development and coordination;
      • Specialized classrooms or other meeting venues;
      • Special event space for banquets or other social events; 
      • Facilities and learning environments.
    2. The function complements and does not directly compete with Armstrong programming either in content or target audience.
    3. The primary sponsor is responsible for appropriate service and facility charges and agrees to the conditions outlined in the reservation confirmation.
    4. The primary purpose of the function should not be to sell, directly or indirectly, a service or product, or solicit prospective business which will financially benefit any individual or entity.

    For all events, the authorized representative must be present for the duration of the event and available for consultation about the details of each function.

    Other Usage Issues
    • The Armstrong Center will store materials for scheduled events on a temporary basis only. All deliveries must be schedules with the Armstrong Center and should arrive no sooner than 3 days prior to the start of the program and be removed immediately following its conclusion unless prior arrangements have been made with the Armstrong Center. The center will not assume any liability for such materials.
  3. Scheduled Meeting Space
    The staff works with the authorized representative to schedule appropriate meeting rooms, equipment and other services to meet each program's unique needs and provide the most effective environment possible for the event. The center reserves the right to reassign reserved space to comparable space in order to meet regular business or daily operational requirements.
  4. Public Areas and Corridors
    The center features some flexible and informal gathering spaces that can be ideal for exhibits, receptions, and other social functions. The Armstrong Center will work with clients to meet program needs, while ensuring adequate traffic flow and minimizing noise disruptions for all users.
  5. Food Service
    Food and beverage service is provided exclusively by Armstrong Catering. Clients may not bring outside food and/or beverages on the premises.
  6. Alcohol
    A City of Savannah Temporary Special Event Permit to Dispense Alcoholic Beverages is required for all events where alcohol is served. A copy of the permit is required on site at least 3 days prior to the event.

    Alcohol will not be served at student events.

    Alcoholic beverages are allowed only
    • With prior written authorization;
    • In accordance with all University rules and regulations consistent with local ordinances and state laws; and at least one police officer on duty at the center is required for all events with alcohol. Armstrong Center staff will determine the number of officers that are required and will make the necessary arrangements with the University Police Department. The client shall be responsible for the fees.
  7. Instructional Audio-Visual Equipment
    The center is equipped with a variety of A-V technology including LCD projectors, VCR/DVD/CD players, projection screens and sound systems. Charges may be assessed for unusual/additional service requests.

    The center cannot accept responsibility for any outside equipment a customer uses in the facility. In particular, users agree to
    • Be responsible for all set-up of equipment brought into the center;
    • Ensure that their equipment does not interfere with any of the center's equipment or systems;
    • Check all voltages and connections prior to installing or using any equipment; and
    • Repair any damages to the facility caused by such equipment.
    The center staff will assist with troubleshooting to verify that the facility's A-V technology is functioning, but will NOT operate computers or other hardware belonging to a client.

    The center shall not be responsible for any damage to or loss of a client's equipment.
  8. Financial Arrangements
    All financial arrangements must be made in advance. Appropriate purchase orders, requisitions, invoice approvals, or letters of credit authorization must be on file before the event occurs. Detailed invoices of actual expenses incurred will be provided. A deposit is required for room rentals; the amount will be equal to 50% of the projected revenue. The deposits will be payable upon contract agreement and will be applied to the final invoice.

    Additional rental fee information for the center:
    1. Georgia Southern University sponsored events – are eligible for 50% discount on Armstrong Center room rental rates. The sponsoring department/organization must be the user of the space, present at the event, and may be financially responsible for payment of all charges associated with the event.
    2. Facility rental fees will be discounted by 20% for nonprofit/government entities, Armstrong faculty/staff, alumni and currently enrolled students (when said person is the lessee).
  9. Reservation/Cancellation Policy
    See Individual Contract for terms and conditions.
  10. Parking
    Parking in the Armstrong Center lot for those attending programs within the center is free of charge. The Armstrong Center assumes no liability for any damage, loss, or injury.
  11. Smoking
    The Armstrong campus of Georgia Southern University is a smoke free campus.  Smoking on campus property is prohibited.  
  12. ADA
    The center conforms to the 1990 Americans with Disabilities code specifications. All room configurations must comply with ADA.
  13. Revisions
    These policies are regularly reviewed and revisions are made as appropriate.
  14. Violations
    Violations of these policies will result in denial of future use of The Armstrong Center.

Rental Rates

Please call us at 912.344.2953 to book an event!

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