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Liberal Arts: Faculty and Staff

Christopher CurtisDean Solms 109C
Teresa WinterhalterAssociate Dean Solms 109B

Faculty Listing

Art, Music, and Theater

Tom CatoDept. Head Fine Arts 127
Carol BentonAssoc. Professor Fine Arts 123
Elizabeth Desnoyers-Colas,Assoc. Professor Jenkins 101
Cynthia Costa, Lecturer Solms 109D
Elissa FrankinoInstructor Fine Arts 125
Rachel GreenProfessor Fine Arts 209
Emily Grundstad-Hall, Asst. Professor Fine Arts 120
Robert HarrisProfessor Fine Arts 122
John HomAsst. Professor Fine Arts 207
Angela Horne, Assoc. Professor Solms 102A
Pang-Chieh Hsu, Assoc. Professor Fine Arts 213
Deborah Jamieson, Assoc. Professor Fine Arts 208
Linda JensenProfessor Fine Arts 210
Mark JohnsonAsst. Professor Fine Arts 124
Peter MellenAssoc. Professor Jenkins 104
Mia Merlin, Lecturer Fine Arts 101
Stephen PrimaticProfessor Fine Arts 108
Randall ReeseProfessor Fine Arts 128
Pamela SearsAssoc. Professor Jenkins 105
Benjamin WarsawAsst. Professor Fine Arts 121
John Wright, Temporary Asst. Professor Jenkins 103
Joanna YoderTemporary Asst. Professor Fine Arts 210

CJ, Social & Political Science

Daniel Skidmore-HessDept. Head Univ Hall 224
Katherine BennettProfessor Univ Hall 220
Laura Seifert  Professor Univ Hall
Maxine Bryant, Instructor Univ Hall 229
Kevin Jennings, Professor Univ Hall
Becky daCruz, Assoc. Professor Univ Hall 219
Jose daCruzAssoc. Professor Univ Hall 234
Michael DonahueProfessor Univ Hall 225
Alison HatchAsst. Professor Univ Hall 227
H. Chris Tecklenburg, Asst. Professor Univ Hall
Kimberly Martin, Professor Univ Hall
Dennis MurphyProfessor Univ Hall 249
Leonard McCoy, Temporary Instructor Univ Hall
Ned RinalducciAssoc. Professor Univ Hall 218
Nalanda.RoyAsst. Professor Univ Hall 217

Jennifer Wyse,  Asst. Professor

Univ Hall

Lara WesselAsst. Professor

Univ Hall 221

Amy Delince, Admin Assitant Univ Hall 226
Virgina Hutton Estabrook, Asst. Professor Univ Hall


Yassaman SaadatmandDept. Head Hawes 208B
Dennis Barber Hawes 208E
Jason BeckAsst. Professor Hawes 208F
Nicholas MangeeAsst. Professor Hawes 208G
Richard McGrathProfessor Hawes 208J
Michael TomaProfessor Hawes 208H
Maliece Whatley Hawes 208D


Christopher Curtis, Dept. Head Hawes 110A
Olavi ArensProfessor Hawes 104A
Allison BelzerAsst. Professor Hawes 105B
Michael BenjaminAsst. Professor Hawes 108C
Barbara FertigProfessor Hawes 110E
Michael HallProfessor Hawes 106A
Christopher HendricksProfessor Hawes 106B
June HopkinsProfessor Hawes 104B
Ella HowardAssoc. Professor Hawes 103B
Kwaku Nti, Asst. Professor Hawes 108B
Amy Potter, Asst. Professor Hawes 109C
Michael PriceProfessor Hawes 110D
Jason TatlockAssoc. Professor Hawes 110C
James Todesca, Assoc. Professor Hawes 105A
Felicity Turner, Asst. Professor Hawes 103A
Hongjie Wang, Assoc. Professor Hawes 109B

Languages, Literature and Philosophy

Beth HowellsDept. Head Gamble 101
Carol AndrewsAssoc. Professor Gamble 236
Christopher BakerProfessor Gamble 103
William BelfordLecturer Gamble 233
Renee, Berry, Instructor Gamble 132
Margaret Brockland-Nease,Instructor Gamble 227
Christopher CartrightInstructor Gamble 140
William DawersInstructor Gamble 132
Bill DeaverProfessor Gamble 234
Hans-Georg ErneyAsst. Professor Gamble 136
Karen HollilngerProfessor Gamble 209
Carol Jamison, Professor Gamble 238
Annie Mendenhall, Asst. Professor Gamble 240
Dorotheé Mertz-WeigelAsst. Professor Gamble 110
Tony MorrisAssoc. Professor Gamble 204
Christy MroczekInstructor Gamble 140
Erik NordenhaugAssoc. Professor Gamble 134
Jane Rago, Asst. Professor Gamble 239
Deborah ReeseAssoc. Professor Gamble 121
Hapsatou WaneAsst. Professor Gamble 142
David Wheeler Professor Gamble 131
Amanda Konkle, Asst. Professor Gamble 241
Gracia RoldanAsst. Professor Gamble 135
Diana SerranoInstructor Gamble 242
Grant Dearhart, Asst. Professor Gamble 203
Jack SimmonsAssoc. Professor Gamble 206
James Smith, Professor Gamble 232
Julie SwanstromAsst. Professor Gamble 202
Robert TerryAsst. Professor Gamble 239
Nancy Tille-VictoricaAsst. Professor Gamble 208
Ana TorresAssoc. Professor Gamble 207
Cicelyn English, Instructor Gamble 210
Lisa Dusenberry, Asst. Professor Gamble 141
Encarnacion Cruz-Jimenez, Instructor Gamble 213
Regina Bradley, Asst. Professor Gamble 240
Kelly Benhase, Instructor Gamble 243

Staff Listing

Dean's Office

Grace Fleming
Student Success Coordinator & Academic Advisor
Solms 109A
Laura Pallini-Bolton
Student Success Coordinator & Academic Advisor
Solms 109K
Nikki Parfitt
Assistant to the Deans
Solms 109

Art, Music and Theatre

Sherrye Beckett
Administrative Assistant
Fine Arts 125
Cindy Dillard
Administrative Assistant I
Fine Arts 125
Mario Incorvaia
Arts Marketing Director
Fine Arts 139

Criminal Justice, Social and Political Science

Amy Delince
Administrative Assistant
Univ Hall 226


Ashlee Casey
Administrative Assistant
Hawes 208


Briauna Hill
Administrative Assistant
Hawes 110

Languages, Literature and Philosophy

Cynthia DeVoe
Administrative Assistant
Gamble 105
Susan Todd
Administrative Assistant
Gamble 105


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(March 24, 2017) – In “From Peril to Promise: The Social Responsiveness of American Theater in the 1930s and 40s,” Sears will discuss the playwrights, theater artists and composers of the 1930s and ‘40s. During the discussion, a company of Armstrong’s musical and theatrical performers and directors will explore scenes from the period’s popular dramatic works by Tennessee Williams, Rodgers and Hammerstein and Kaufman and Hart. This event is free and open to the public.

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(March 17, 2017) – Celebrated hip-hop feminist bloggers and authors of The Crunk Feminist Collection, Brittney C. Cooper, Ph.D., Robin M. Boylorn, Ph.D. and Susana M. Morris, Ph.D. will join Armstrong State for a conversation and book signing. Sponsored by Armstrong’s Gender Studies program, Department of Languages, Literature and Philosophy and Office of Multicultural Affairs, this event is free and open to the public.

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(March 17, 2017) – Armstrong will host a free lecture by Dr. Felicity Turner, an assistant professor of history. In “The Madness of Mary Telfair,” Turner will examine how gendered assumptions informed late 19th-century medical and legal understandings of madness and insanity. This event is open to the public.

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(March 10, 2017) – Armstrong State University will offer a new study abroad program in Havana, Cuba from July 9-29, 2017. Students will learn about the history, culture and contemporary issues affecting the Communist island nation post-Fidel Castro. The program is open to all Armstrong students, as well as University System of Georgia transient students, and offers a roster of semester credits.

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