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The College of Liberal Arts @ Armstrong

What is your Liberal Art?

The College of Liberal Arts provides students with the time-tested skills, aptiudes, and displine that have served as the hallmark of the Bachelor's degree for centuries. Its programs of study cultivate the arts of persuasive communication, critical analysis, empirical and theoretical reasoning, and displined reflection that distinguishes its graduates as professional and civic leaders. At the forefront of Liberal Arts education for the twenty-first century, the College offers a rich array of courses in diverse subjects such as: Economics, Finance, Criminal Justice, Politics and Law, History, Languages and Literatures, Communication, Art, Music, and Theatre -just to name a few. 

Students in the College engage in a rigorous and demanding curriculum directed toward providing them with the academic grounding, technical competencies, and intellectual perspectives necessary to succeed in a global society that requires flexibility, adaptablity, and continued learning. Students enjoy extended opportunities to engage personally with the College's talented faculty who, in addition to being dedicated classroom teachers, are recognized expert scholars in their disciplines as well. Easily accessible opportunties to study the arts, humanities, and social sciences beyond the classroom exists through internships, performances, exhibitions, undergraduate research experiences, and study abroad programs.

The College also contributes substantially to delivering instuction in USG Core Courses and Armstrong's First Year Experience and Honor's Program's and serves as a cultural forum for the Savannah community. Both faculty and students contribute valuable knowledge, skills, and resources to the community and the region through their scholarship.

The faculty of the College of Liberal Arts are organized into five departments: Art, Music, and Theatre; Criminal Justice, Social, and Political Sciences; Economics; History; Languages, Literature, and Philosophy. Additonally, the Military Science and Liberal Studies programs are part of the College.

Art, Music & Theatre

AMT students enjoy the unique opportunities Armstrong provides to compose, paint, act, design, sing, direct, perform, sculpt and explore many other creative avenues, all while enrolled as students at Armstrong. AMT students develop impressive portfolios during their course of study to equip them for the challenges that face today’s young arts professionals.

Criminal Justice, Social and Political Sciences

Students majoring in Criminal Justice, Law and Society or Political Science, as well as those taking courses in these areas or Sociology and Anthropology to fulfill Armstrong's core curriculum requirements receive outstanding academic experiences in their classrooms. They can also take advantage of numerous opportunities to participate in moot court, cyber crime labs, study abroad programs and community-based internships to prepare themselves for various careers and graduate studies.


Students majoring in Business Economics receive necessary business and leadership skills that are complemented by the analytical abilities developed in their economics courses. Economics majors receive a sound theoretical foundation in economic theory and statistics, as well as exposure to applied fields, such as finance, international economics and government policy. Both programs offer numerous opportunities to engage in faculty-guided independent research, internships with business or non-profit organizations, study abroad programs, the Center for Regional Analysis and Small Business Institute projects, as well as honor societies and departmental clubs.


Armstrong's History majors embark on a course of study that introduces them to a broad variety of topics and themes, reaching across areas such as Ancient, African, Asian, European and American history, as well as courses in Archival and Museum Studies and Digital History. Because Savannah is a living laboratory awaiting those interested in history, the department often draws upon the rich resources our home city provides and offers programs in public history and tourism studies.

Languages, Literature and Philosophy

Students in LLP gain broad understandings of disciplinary content, theoretical concepts and cultural awareness through their studies in languages, literature, philosophy, film, journalism, creative writing and professional writing. They also have numerous opportunities to develop and polish the practical, critical and analytical skills that prepare them for professional environments in internships and beyond Armstrong, whether in graduate or professional schools, business or public service.

Military Science

Army ROTC is a leadership elective course that is open to all Armstrong students. ROTC is designed to be an elective course that is taken in addition to your academic major field courses. In most cases you will be able to use your ROTC courses for a minor in Military Science.


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