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Housing & Residence Life: What to Bring

Bring it with you!

Sheets (Extra Long Twin) Extra set of car keys
Pillow and Pillow Cases Health Insurance Information
Bedspread or Comforter Address Book of Family and Friends
Mattress Pad Cell Phone (with charger)
Blankets Bike w/U-lock
Egg Crate (mattress topper) Small Screwdriver
Radio/Stereo Bathroom Mats/Rugs
Study Lamp Shower Curtain and Rings (extra long 78")
Alarm Clock Flip Flops (shower shoes)
Coffee Maker w/ Auto Shut Off Shower caddy
Smart TV or Home Theater System Toiletries
Computer, printer, accessories Hair Dryer, curling iron, etc
One Power Strip w/surge protector Towels and wash cloths
Fan Trash Can
Posters (poster putty or command strips) Broom and basic cleaning supplies
Pictures of family and friends Laundry basket
Storage solutions Laundry Detergent (Liquid detergent with the HE symbol)
Jacket/Raincoat/Umbrella Fabric softener or dryer sheets
Flashlight Clothes hangers

Leave it at home!

Charcoal, gas and electric grills Extension cords (other than UL approved, surge protector, power strip)
Toaster Ovens Animals (except fish in 10 gallon or less aquarium or approved emotional support animals)
Microwave Oven (one is provided in the room) Netting, parachutes, large flags or other fabric decorations (curtains are ok)
Electric frying pan or skillet Portable heaters or air conditioners
Deep friers Martial arts equipment, guns (of any kind including BB, pellet and paintball), medieval weaponry, hunting equipment (knives, bow and arrows, rifles, etc.) or any other weapon other than a taser.
Shot glasses and/or other alcohol paraphernalia Electrical Decorations (neon signs, etc)
Old Style Halogen Lamps Any electrical item not in good working condition (frayed cords, faulty switches, etc)
Candles or Incense (burned or otherwise) Hover boards