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Housing Trial Program

Pirate Pathway to Success 

Housing Trial Program

The first six weeks of college is the most influential time frame in students' development.  It is important within the first-six weeks that students feel a connection to their college environment and begin to set-up patterns for student academic success.  According to research this time frame of student transition and acclimation to the campus community determine if they will be engaged and successful in the college environment. Residence Life believes that every student should have the opportunity to experience Armstrong's culture, regardless of their local address. 

With this opportunity, local first-year students experience residence life and all that campus life has to offer completely emerging themselves in Armstrong's culture for first 44 days of their freshman year. The Pirate Pathway to Success Housing Trial Program was created to deliver the best possible experience for local students by establishing a living-learning community designed for their personal growth, academic success and engaging them in a traditional residential program. 

A student's college experience is so much more than what happens in the classroom.  Don't let a local address keep you from experiencing the all-inclusive campus living and learning experience by taking advantage of this program. This program also allows students to not spend unnecessary time commuting which can save students up to 150 hours so that they can be involved in other beneficial activities in the first-six weeks. 

The Pirate Pathway to Success Housing Trial Program Living-Learning Community will be housed in Windward Commons. All participants will be assigned into semi-private suites. Semi-private suites create a better sense of community and lead to a more holistic roommate experiences. Participants will also be placed on a 14 meal a week plan.

Fall 2016's  Pirate Pathway Trial Program will be August 11th through September 25th. Participants must complete a housing application through their PORT of Armstrong to express interest in this program. 

Costs for the Trial Program are below.

Semi-private suite: $1,189.00

14 Meal Plan (14 meals a week with $90 Flex Funds): $641.25

Total cost: $1,830.25

*Participants of this program will have the $250 application fee waived for the duration of this program. 

If participants decide to stay in housing after the program is over, their student account will be prorated for the remaining academic year as well as charged the $250 application fee. 

*After September 25th, participants are not financially obligated for the remaining academic year, unless they notify the Office of Housing and Residence Life in writing so we can extend their contract to a 2016-2017 academic year contract.