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Housing & Residence Life: FAQs

Have questions? Get answers!

What is the deadline to apply for campus housing?

We have an application priority deadline of May 1 for guaranteed space type preference. This means if you are a new, first-year student who completed their housing application prior to May 1, you will receive your preferred room type (private, semiprivate, etc). We will, however, accept new completed housing applications on a rolling basis as space permits. At minimum, housing applications and non-refundable application fees are encouraged prior to your Navigate session date so that we can address any concerns or questions you have at your Navigate session.

Be advised that your LLC preference will override your room type preference, and that as a member of an LLC you will be placed in a room in that area that may not be the same type as your room type request.

Am I required to live in housing?

Any student who attended a high school outside the four county area (Chatham, Effingham, Liberty, Bryan), and does not have a legal guardian residing in the four county region, will be required to live on campus for a minimum of 1 academic year. If you feel that you should be excepted from this policy, you are advised to complete the exemption form. These exemptions are by no means guaranteed, but we will review the requests and make decisions on a case by case basis. Click the exemption form for more details.

When will your application be completed?

Once you finish all pages on the application and pay the $250 non-refundable application fee, your application is complete. Your complete date will not populate until we assign you to a room, and your application will still indicate "application not complete" until your assignment is made in June. All new residential students who see three green check marks on the front page of the housing application have fulfilled the necessary housing application requirements.

How will you be assigned a roommate?

We assign roommates based on the living-learning community, room type, and roommate preferences. If you do not have a roommate preference, we do our best to match you with another resident with similar student profile questions, based on the roommate matching questionnaire you completed on your housing application.

What happens if you didn’t get the room type you preferred?

We automatically place you on a waiting list for your number one room type preference. If an opening becomes available, we call you and ask if you want to move into that opening at that time. Cancellations may come in prior to our cancellation deadline, so there may still be hope.

What should I bring to furnish my residence hall room?

We encourage students to bring comforts of home to make their rooms personal and more inviting. A good rule of thumb is to avoid anything that produces or requies an open flame (candles, incense, etc), anything that will cause damage to the walls or furnishings (nails, push pins, curtain rods which require screw installation), and any cooking appliance with an open heat element (george foreman grills, hot plates, buffet burners, toasters, etc). Windward Commons has a very sensitive smoke detection system and the rooms are not set up with the appropriate ventilation for cooking appliances. A complete list of what to bring and not bring is available on our Bring it/Leave it web page.

When can I move in to Windward Commons for Fall 2017?

New, first-year students may move in to their fall assignment on Thursday, August 10, provided you have received your boarding pass and have been financially cleared for move-in. Your move-in time will be determined by the floor you live on in Windward Commons. You will be asked to move in either from 9am-Noon or 1pm-4pm on that date.

Can you move into your room at a different time from your boarding pass appointment?

Yes! As long as you are financially cleared for move-in, you may move into your new room any time during your boarding pass’ designated timeframe or after. If you need to arrive after 5 p.m. weekdays or over the weekend, please go straight to your move-in destination with your boarding pass. Students who arrive on campus between the hours of Midnight-9 a.m., and who have not notified housing in advance of this late arrival, may be asked to come back the next day after 9 a.m. to complete the move-in process. If you anticipate a late night move-in, contact housing in advance of your arrival time as a courtesy.

Are moving carts available at move-in?

Armstrong State sponsors a move-in volunteer program which involves faculty, staff and current Armstrong students. These volunteers will be assigned our available carts and you will gain their assistance throughout your move-in process. If you see someone in a bright gold shirt who is not assisting someone else, make sure you ask them for help! That's why they are here. We encourage students who already own a moving cart to bring their own as our selection is provided on a first-come first-served basis which is limited. Make sure to have all of your financial affairs in order. Students who show large outstanding financial balances will not be permitted to move in until they have met with the appropriate student accounts and financial aid representatives.

How can you change your meal plan?

Complete a Meal Plan Change Request Form and we will change it. Meal plans are only amendable until the end of the first week of each academic term. After that, they can be increased if you need more meals, but they cannot be decreased. When in doubt, select a lower meal plan and increase it later on if you find it does not meet your nutritional needs.

How do you cancel your housing contract?

Complete a Cancellation and Intent to Vacate Form, submit it to us, and we will process your request. Please review our Important Dates for deadlines. Remember that the housing academic year application is a full 1-year contract and that cancelling this contract will result in a $500 cancellation fee if you do not meet the applicable deadlines.