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Housing & Residence Life: Benefits to Living on Campus

Top 10 Reasons to Live on Campus

10. It's easy to get involved on campus!

When you live on campus, it's very easy to find a club or organization to get involved with. By living on campus, you will be able to attend every meeting and still find time to hang out with friends. Residence Life recommends that you attend at least 1 club meeting in your first semester just to get yourself off to a good start. It's important not to get over involved, because you don't want to sacrifice needed study time.

9. Close proximity to Armstrong resources!

There's never a shortage of students or staff members to talk to on campus. Whether you need help with your schoolwork or you're looking to receive some career advice, all of these offices can be found here. Take advantage of spaces like the new Learning Commons, and on campus computer labs. What about the Recreation and Wellness Center? You'll be more motivated to visit them if you live within walking distance! Don't forget that you already paid for these resources in your fees. Get out and use them!

8. Opportunities to participate in group studies and help sessions!

Study groups are constantly being held all over campus, especially in the residence halls. It's much easier to get your schoolwork done and to be held accountable when everything you need to get your work done can be found within your building. Take advantage of some of the tutoring services that are available on campus. They can be life savers.

7. Having a roommate prepares you for life!

Having a roommate is vital to the college experience. Even if you think you'll never have a roommate again in the future, the roommate experience will give you vital skills in conflict management and compromise that will be beneficial in your personal and work life after college.

6. Find your new BFF's in the residence halls!

It's so easy to make friends when you live on campus, because you are constantly around students who are just like you. Your hall will have an RA (resident assistant), who are students here to mentor you, help you make friends and provide you with fun programs.

5. Value for your money!

At first glance, living off-campus often seems like a good, economical option. All the costs have to be considered---like rent, deposits, water, electric, cable, internet, phone service, furniture, gas, purchasing food, etc. When you live on-campus everything is included--preferred basic cable television with 70 + channels, high-speed internet connection, on-campus parking decals, garbage, water, sewer, electricity, Wi-Fi, wired internet, community mailboxes and unlimited laundry. We all know you can't put a price on safety and convenience--both of which are offered to on campus residents.

4. Get all the benefits of living independently with none of the worries!

Living on your own away from your friends and loved ones may seem a little daunting, but you will soon learn to appreciate your new found freedom. Not only do you get a chance to experience new freedoms, but you can learn how to live on your own and grow independently from the influences of others. It allows you to discover who you truly are and what you want to do with your life. Armstrong has just enough rules for residents to guarantee a quiet environment conducive to student success, but enough freedom to come and go as you please. 

3. Did we mention the value of convenience?

Being close to class is a huge advantage when it comes to college. Instead of fighting over a parking space, you can take your time to get ready in the morning, socialize with your friends and then get a good exercise by walking to your building. This will save you time AND gasoline costs... not to mention give you a little walking exercise in the process!

2. Don't underestimate the importance of a safe environment!

Campus police are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can feel safe. Armstrong’s campus is also equipped with emergency stations around campus where you can push a button and an officer will assist you. Armstrong periodically holds self defense classes, so you can participate and receive more safety information.

and last but not least...

1. Show your pirate pride!

Experience the whole package of college life by showing your pirate pride while getting involved on campus. Enjoy your college experience. Make memories, friendships and learn life skills in the process. Reservations go fast, so apply for Housing today!


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