Armstrong Undergraduate Journal of History


Education and Government in the Eyes of a Confucian Scholar in Modern China

Payton Dison, Michael Chase Freeman, Fred M. Smithberg, Brian Lee
Armstrong State University

Hotel Rwanda: A Twisted Perception

Ashley Burton
Young Harris College

The Master’s Teachings Are Not Far: The Analects of Confucius and Its Modern Relevance

Katherine Brigman, Brian Lee, and Juan L. Rojelio
Armstrong State University

Civilization and Nature: A Reading of Ancient Texts

Wen Li Teng
University of California, Los Angeles

The Black Friary: Reflections on a Community Archaeology Project

Jordyn Marlin
Palm Beach Atlantic University

The Gossamer Years: Gender, Religion and Aesthetics in Heian Japan

Caitlyn Floyd Geiger et al.
Armstrong State University

Humanism, Fatherhood, and Science in the Court of Urbino

Christian Blake Pye
Armstrong State University

Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China

Andrew Kearley, Dean Spicer, and Trevor Johnston
Armstrong State University

Explaining Evil:  The Holocaust in Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem

Scott Richard St. Louis
Grand Valley State University

Reacting to the Past: The French Revolution from the Eyes of History Students

Khristina May, Stephanie Thompson, and Brent Wacho
Armstrong State University

“Fire in the Lake”:  Forum on Frances Fitzgerald’s 1972 book The Vietnamese and the Americans

Eric A. Curry, Victoria Do, and Danielle Fialkowski
Armstrong State University

A Glimpse of Queen Victoria through Her Journals

William Craig Hosch
Armstrong State University

Ambition before Ethics: A Biography of Banastre Tarleton (1754–1833)

Michael Melli
The University of Central Florida

Beijing Bicycle: The Cruel Story of Youth, City and Modernization in Contemporary China

Patrick O'Conner, Victoria Do and Eric A. Curry
Armstrong State University

Historical Markers and African American Heritage in Savannah

Candace McNeal et. al.
Armstrong State University

Forgiveness as a Tool for Healing: A Comparative Reading of Two Autobiographies

Francis Tannie Arnsdorff
Armstrong State University

Japanese Westernization and the American Civil War

Kyle Bridge
University of North Florida

The Myth of Nations: Forum on Nations and Nationalism in the Multi-Ethnic Russian Empire and USSR

Robert Cory, Dannyel Smith and Francis Tannie Arnsdorff
Armstrong State University

Deciphering Mao: Forum on Mao Zedong and His Writings (to 1949)

Dwayne Crispell, Halton Thomson and Robert Nix
Armstrong State University

The Eastern Kingdom of Women in Tang China:  A Translation from the Old Tang History (Jiu Tang shu)

Jingjing Zhao, Xueyi Yang and Ben Giaimo
Shaanxi Normal University (China)

Delusion as a Hindrance to Enlightenment in The Platform Sutra

Lisa Bringhurst
Armstrong State University

From Monkey King to Buddha:  Change Is Never Easy for the Powerful

Charles Halton Thomson
Armstrong State University

A Self-Portrait of Remarkable Strength

Sarah Harper
Armstrong State University

Convenient Gods: Worship in Tokugawa Japan

Robert J. Nix
Armstrong State University

The Ideal Woman behind a Portrait

Michelle Teplis
Armstrong State University

Swordsmanship and Personality

Lisa Bringhurst
Armstrong State University

The World of Doge Lorenzo Loredan (1436?1521) behind His Portrait

Jessica Garten
Armstrong State University

The Transformation of a Tokugawa Samurai

Charles Halton Thomson
Armstrong State University

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