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Definition of Emergency Terms

Shelter In Place

“Shelter in place” is an order for Armstrong students, faculty, staff and visitors to find a safe location indoors and to stay there until given an “all clear” or instructed to evacuate.


A lockdown is an immediate action taken in response to an active shooter incident, an act of violence on campus or dangerous weather, like a tornado in close proximity to campus. This strategy, which can affect all or part of Armstrong’s campus, is designed to limit exposure to a life-threatening, hostile or hazardous situation or threat.

When a lockdown is declared by administrative officials, occupants of any building within the impacted area are to remain in their respective spaces locking all doors and windows, not allowing entry or exit to a secured area until the “all clear” confirmation has been given. Individuals may be required to move to a safe location if they are immediately adjacent to the life-threatening or hazardous situation (e.g. shooter, bomb threat, etc.).

Due to the varying scenarios and situations that might occur on or near campus and the dynamic nature each scenario presents, it is imperative that the campus community follow instructions from the university and from law enforcement officials during a lockdown.