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Degree Completion Requirements

Graduation Requirements: Undergraduate

General Degree Requirements

Each student is responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the degree program chosen in accordance with the regulations of the university catalog.

Application for Graduation

Students must submit a completed graduation application to the Registrar's Office two semesters before graduation. Once a graduation application is submitted, a $63 graduation fee will be charged to the student's account. Candidates for degrees are expected to attend the commencement ceremony. Students should indicate on the graduation application or notify the Registrar's Office if they do not plan to attend. Students with outstanding balances will not be able to order an official transcript after graduation.  

Catalog in Effect

Students will normally graduate under the catalog in effect at the time of their admission to the university. In the College of Health Professions, students will graduate under the catalog in effect at the time of admission or readmission (whichever is more current) to a particular health professions program. In the College of Education, students will graduate under the catalog in effect at the time of admission to the teacher education program. However, Armstrong State University reserves the right to change any provision listed in this catalog including, but not limited to, academic requirements for graduation, without actual notice to individual students.

Course Requirement Exceptions

Exceptions to course requirements for a degree are permitted only with the written approval of the appropriate dean, upon the recommendation of the department head. However, all exceptions to core curriculum requirements must have the approval of the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs or Appointees.

Credit Hour Requirements

To qualify for the baccalaureate degree, a student must earn at Armstrong at least 30 semester hours of credit applicable toward the degree. Additionally, the student must complete successfully at Armstrong at least half of the upper division credits required in the major field of study. For students in teacher education programs, the major field of study is the teaching field. For the associate degree, a student must complete at least 15 semester hours of course work at Armstrong State University.

Double Major

Students wishing to receive a double major must satisfy major requirements of both disciplines, including all residency and institutional requirements for each major. Courses to satisfy both degree programs may be taken concurrently. Only one major will appear on the diploma. Both majors will be designated on the transcript.

Dual Degrees

Students wishing to receive a dual degree (two degree programs satisfied concurrently) must satisfy major requirements for both degrees, including all residency, institutional, and additional requirements for each degree. Courses to satisfy one program cannot be used to satisfy the other program (courses used to satisfy Areas F or above - major courses - cannot be used twice). The student will be issued a diploma for each program.

Exit Exams

All students must take major field and general education exit examinations.

History and Constitution Requirements

By state law, every student who receives a degree from a school supported by the State of Georgia must demonstrate proficiency in United States history and constitution and in Georgia history and constitution.

Course Work Taken at Other Institutions and Credit by Examination

To apply transfer credit and credit by examination toward degree requirements at Armstrong, students must obtain prior approval from the appropriate department head or dean before enrolling in course work at another institution or signing up for credit by examination. Failure to seek approval places the student at risk of taking course work that may not satisfy degree requirements.

Minimum Grade Point Average

To meet degree requirements, students must earn a grade point average of 2.0 or better in each of the following:
— all work at Armstrong;
— overall (all course work attempted);
— all courses in the major field.
Some degrees have higher grade point average requirements. Contact major department for complete details.


All grades for graduating seniors must be cleared 30 days following Armstrong's grade submission. This would include: CLEP scores, transient scores, grades for distance learning courses, "NR" (not reported) grades, "I" (incomplete) and/or "In Progress" grades, exchange program grades, grades for courses taken through other colleges, grades for study abroad courses, etc.


To earn a minor in conjunction with a degree, students must complete all requirements (as specified) at Armstrong. Specific course requirements for earning a minor are listed under each department.

Physical Education Requirements

All students who are enrolled in degree programs must adhere to the Armstrong physical education requirements.

Repeating Courses

Policy effective before Fall 2012:

When a course is repeated, only the last grade earned counts in earned hours requirements, grade point average hours and overall grade point average.  All course work taken remains on the students' academic records.  Students may repeat any course.  However, the grade earned in the last attempt will determine the number of quality points assigned for calculation of grade point average.

Policy effective Fall 2012 and after:

Students may repeat any course.  However, when a course is repeated, all grades earned for each attempt count in earned hours requirements, grade point average hours and overall grade point average.  All course work taken remains on the students' academic records.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

A candidate for a second baccalaureate degree from Armstrong must earn a minimum of 30 additional credit hours and meet all requirements for the degree.

Transient Enrollment

Armstrong students may not be transient to another institution during the term immediately prior to graduation without written approval by the Registrar's Office.  

Graduation Requirements: Graduate 

Students must apply for graduation by February 15th for Spring graduation, by June 15th for Summer graduation and by September 15th for Fall graduation. To apply to graduate, a student must complete the graduation applicatioin with their graduate coordinator. Students must submit a completed graduation application and program of study to the Registrar’s Office. Once a graduation application is submitted, a $63 graduation fee will be charged to the student's account. A student must have degree-regular status and earn a 3.0 overall GPA on graduate course work to meet graduation requirements. All required work for the degree program (comps, portfolio, thesis) must be completed before degrees will be awarded. There is no honor designation at Armstrong for graduate students.