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Financial Aid: Loans

What are Loans?

Education loans consist of money that is borrowed by a parent or student from a lender or the Federal Department of Education to assist with educational expenses. Education loans require repayment with interest.

NOTE: Enrollment in sessions beginning later in the term may delay your aid disbursement as verification of attendance cannot be performed until those classes have begun.

Types of Loans

How to Apply for a Loan

How to Keep Loans

Avoiding Default

In order to continue receiving Direct loans and other Federal Financial Aid, you cannot default on a loan. If you default on a federal loan, you will not be eligible for Federal or State Financial Aid until the loan is no longer in default. If you default, your loan lender can discuss with you specific rehabilitation methods to remove the default status. Visit the Avoiding Default website for useful tips and helpful advice.

Calculating Your Loan Repayment

Use this Loan Calculator to determine your loan repayment amounts and the time it will take you to repay them.