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Financial Aid: Armstrong Commitment Fund

In 2012, Armstrong president Dr. Linda Bleicken put forth an idea to develop a source of funding for students that are making progress in their studies but still have a “gap” between what financial aid will cover and the actual costs of attendance. The Armstrong Commitment Fund was established to fill the gap and allow students to remain enrolled and to graduate.

Armstrong Commitment Fund is designed to enhance not only a student’s financial capability to attend, but also his or her financial literacy and connection to the Armstrong community. Armstrong has a long and rich history of community service. The university values the surrounding community and the partnerships made through service and volunteerism. Selected students will become an integral part of this proud history and will have the opportunity to build relationships that will last a lifetime.


Armstrong Commitment Fund is designed for continuing undergraduate students in their sophomore, junior or senior year.  Students who apply must meet the following requirements:

Awardees are determined by a committee of Financial Aid professional staff.  When reviewing the applications the committee considers many factors including financial need, academic achievements, GPA and written statement.

Recipients of the Armstrong Commitment Fund must agree to participate in one financial literacy program per semester and are encouraged to participate in a community service project. Information about dates and times for financial literacy programming will be provided to award recipients by the Office of Financial Aid. For more information about community service opportunities, please visit Student Life's Volunteer Opportunities. Recipients must also agree to write a donor thank you note under direction from the Office of Financial Aid. Recipients must also acknowledge the following: