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Staff Council - Membership

The Staff Council is an official Armstrong State University organization composed of elected representatives from the university staff. The staff-elected body of representatives is dedicated to promoting the interest and welfare of staff across Armstrong State University's campuses.

Please see the Council Archives for member rosters from previous years.

2017-2018 Members & Officers

Jason Salzer
Student Affairs
Fernando Foster
Vice Chair
IT Services
Jessica Weaver
IT Services
Laura Pallini
Academic Affairs
Danira Beckmann
IT Services
Angel Howard
IT Services
Katherine Arntzen
Business & Finance
Phil Gore
Academic Affairs


Standing Committees

If you are interested in volunterring to serve on one of our committees, would like to help out with events, or have a suggestion, please complete the Volunteer Form.

Elections Committee

Officers: Fernando Foster (Chair)
Members: Jason Salzer, Jessica Weaver, Laura Pallini

The duties of the Elections Committee will be to plan, coordinate, and execute all scheduled and special elections of the council members and officers. The Elections Committee shall be composed of the Council Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Fundraising Committee

Officers: Katherine Arntzen (Chair)
Members: Jessica Weaver

The duties of the Fundraising Committee shall be to plan, advise, and implement fundraising activities that provide financing for the Staff Textbook Scholarship Fund (see Article XIII of the Council Bylaws for further details), as well as Council-approved initiatives. The committee will keep the Council updated regarding joint participation opportunities with the University and the community.

Outreach and Special Events Committee

Officers: Jaura Pallini and Angel Howard (Co-Chairs)
Members: Jason Salzer

The duties of the Outreach and Special Events Committee will be to plan, organize, and execute participation in Council events and initiatives, as well as various University events. The committee will work to enhance staff interactions with the campus community by hosting campus events for the enrichment of the staff. The committee will also be responsible for developing collaborative projects for the Council that further campus outreach to the greater Savannah community.

Staff Development and Welfare Committee

Officers: See Outreach and Special Events (Chair)
Members: See Outreach and Special Events

The duties of the Staff Development and Welfare Committee will be to promote training and advancement programs and other opportunities for professional and personal development. The committee will address such issues as orientation/mentoring and basic skills development. This committee has been combined the the Outreach and Special Events Committee for the remainder of 2017.

Ad Hoc Committees

The Council will appoint ad hoc committees, as well as committee chairs, as needs arise. An ad hoc committee will be disbanded when its purpose has been served. The number of members will be determined by the Council. The duties of each ad hoc committee will be to accept the business assigned to the committee by the Council, to complete each item of business in a responsible and timely manner, and to provide the Council with progress reports, as well as a final report, on its activities.