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Quality Enhancement Plan: Timeline

First Class Timeline

The following table outlines Armstrong’s efforts to plan and implement First Class, from the call for topic proposals to its current seminars. The table also indicates Armstrong’s plan for assessing, revising, and implementing First Class for Fall 2013.

August 2010 - April 2011 Armstrong forms its QEP topic selection steering committee, chaired by Nancy Remler, Associate Professor of English. The topic selection steering committee issues a call for topic proposals, leads the university through a proposal review process, and submits three possible proposals to the university's QEP leadership committee. More details.
May 2011 Armstrong's QEP leadership team reviews the three possible proposals and decides to combine the efforts of two of them to form a learning community that facilitates campus engagement and information literacy skills.
August - December 2011 Armstrong forms its QEP steering committee, which then forms several sub-committees assigned to complete several tasks with respect to planning the QEP:  literature review and best practices; curriculum design; student learning outcomes and assessment; marketing; resources.
December 2011 The marketing committee proposes the name First Class for Armstrong's QEP. At a full-committee meeting, the QEP team approves that name and submits a preliminary plan to the university's QEP leadership team.
January - April 2012
  1.  Follow curriculum review process to have first-year seminars approved and added to undergraduate curriculum
  2. Train faculty for pilot first-year learning communities led by members of the First-Year Experience Task Force
May - August 2012
  1. Hire FYE Director
  2. Faculty to finalize syllabi for pilot learning communities
  3. Advisement staff and administrators to shepherd students into appropriate pilot learning communities
  4. Consultant to review draft of QEP document and provide feedback.
August - December 2012
  1. Pilot the first-year seminar by offering sections of AASU 1100 as components of learning communities and giving them emphases of information literacy
  2. Collect assessment data
  3. Revise QEP document and adjust First Class details according to consultant feedback.
January - May 2013
  1. Obtain University Curriculum Committee and Faculty Senate approval of First Class and adjusted curriculum structure
  2. Evaluate assessment data from previous semester’s pilot first-year seminars
  3. Make adjustments to curriculum design or assessment instruments as needed
January - July 2013
  1. Promote First Class to the Armstrong community as well as to prospective students
  2. Adjust academic schedules to accommodate First Class, adjust registration system to accommodate first-year seminars
  3. Adjust university budget to facilitate first-year seminars
August 2013  Initiate First Class
August 2013 - December 2013 Collect assessment data