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OneUSG Connect

What is OneUSG Connect?

OneUSG Connect is an application intended to help our University manage and maintain its workforce. The major components of OneUSG Connect – payroll services, talent management (Summer 2018), human resources management, time and attendance, and benefits administration – are unified and integrated into a single system. Armstrong State University will implement OneUSG Connect on December 16th, 2017.  This adoption will replace ADP and all employees will use the system to record and submit time, absences, and to access, review, and update personal information including direct deposit, paystubs and benefits.

System Interface Overview (Employee)

Why the Change?

Time, Absence & Pay

The Time, Absence, and Pay area explains how to submit time, ask off for a vacation, view a pay stub, or approve your monthly leave report.


Did you get married or have a baby this year? Do you need to find a doctor or hospital? The OneUSG Connect - Benefits portal provides 24/7 access to your benefits – all year long.

Employee Self Service

Look here for assistance signing on, changing your personal information, submitting a leave request, or changing your personal information.

Student Employees Self Service

The timesheet for student employees is a little different from the one used by full-time employees. This section provides information on submitting time worked, viewing time recorded, viewing payable time and information for those working multiple jobs.

Faculty Self Service

Do you need to update degree information, add a publication, or presentation to your profile? The Faculty Self Service training area provides information for the actions you need to take to update your faculty profile.

Manager Self Service

Do you need to update an employee’s schedule, approve an employee’s time, or approve a vacation or absence request? The Manager Self Service training area provides information for the actions you need to take on behalf of the employees that you supervise.