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Graduate Assistantship Information for Faculty

Applying for Graduate Assistantship

Departmental supervisors requesting a Graduate Assistant (GA) for their department or program must do so on an annual basis by filling out and submitting the Departmental Graduate Assistant position request formword document. All requests must be submitted to the Office of the Provost by the deadline of March 1.

Justification should address as many of the listed criteria as possible and should be thorough, detailed, and as compelling as possible. Please attach any supporting documents. All requests are dependent on available funding.

Hiring a Graduate Assistant

Students interested in an assistantship submit an application to the office of the Associate Provost (Burnett 113). Supervisors may look through the applications to find students who may have the experience needed for their position. Supervisors then interview the selected applicants and notify the office of the Associate Provost when they have made a choice. Supervisors may also identify students through their department that they want to hire as graduate assistants. Supervisors should notify the Enrollment Services Office of their choice. All students who are hired as graduate assistants must fill out a GA application.

Eligibility, Compensation & Terms of Employment

Please review the material about Graduate Assistantships provided for the students.