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Initiative for Civic Engagement

The purpose of this university-wide project is to unite intellectual inquiry with public service by encouraging Armstrong faculty, students and staff to form meaningful connections with the local community. Faculty and staff will introduce students to the importance of public service as a way to become socially responsible citizens, and students will learn the significance of meaningful activity that is aimed at the improvement of local society and the global community, particularly in the areas of child and adult education, environmental sustainability, gender and racial equality, health care, hunger and poverty reduction, and justice.

Get Involved

Been thinking about getting involved and giving back to your community? We all have busy schedules, and we know it takes time and energy to give a helping hand- but here at Armstrong, we think that extra time and energy is well worth it. We believe there is no better way to give back than to help your community.

Ready to take action? We're ready to help you get involved. Tell us a little about yourself so we can contactd you to get started. Thank you for your kindness and participation.

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