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Campus Climate Assessment - Survey Results

Dr. Sue Rankin of Rankin and Associates Consulting addressed the campus on September 1st and 2nd, reporting on Armstrong's "first"  Climate Survey Assessment.  After data cleaning, the final response rate was revealed as 20.5%, that's 1466 students, faculty, and staff.  Detailed results may be found in the Port of Armstrong.  

Campus leadership directly responded to the results of the climate assessment by developing and executing the following Action Plan: 

  1. Welcoming Environment
  1. Diversity Toolkit

As part of the ongoing effort to provide resources to the whole Armstrong community, the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Office offers a Diversity Toolkit. The Diversity Toolkit is accessible on the EDI website:

  1. Childcare Viability

A Childcare Research taskforce charged by Dr. Janet Buckenmeyer, Dean, College of Education on November 17, 2015 to assess childcare viability and develop a comprehensive report by Fall 2016.

Committee Members:

Darryl Blackburn                            Graduate Student

Carol Cox                                       Academic Affairs

Dr. Nedra Cossa                           College of Education

Ray Gaster                                     Community Partner

Hunter Hart                                    Undergraduate

Dr. John Hobe (CHAIR)                College of Education

Marc Mascolo                                Business & Finance

Rick Matthews                               Advancement

Shaunell McGee                            College of Health Professions

Dr. Jane Rago                                College of Liberal Arts

Dr. Regina Rahimi                          College of Education & Diversity Council

Dr. Janel Smith                              College of Science & Technology