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Education: Alumni

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College of Education candidates and graduates are encouraged to subscribe to the College of Education blog or COEBlog, so you will receive an e-mail anytime we post a new announcement.

The mission of the COEBlog is to relay timely information on semester activities, meetings, workshops, job vacancies, and important communications. It does not accept replies. Each entry (or blog post) will include contact information for the individual you can relay your questions to regarding the topic posted. This will be a very valuable resource to you as you go through your program of study at Armstrong. We will also have some valuable links available to you.

Please check this site regularly for updates and information regarding College of Education activities at Armstrong Atlantic State University.

Return the Favor

There are many teacher candidates who are following in the footsteps of College of Education graduates like you. Faculty, alumni, and community members have long donated to Armstrong Foundation accounts that are used to fund events and initiatives that specifically benefit our candidates.

You can help those who are following you by making a contribution to one of the accounts listed below. Be sure that you note the specific account on your check and on the donation form. See the list that follows. Simply click on the Donate Armstrong button on this screen.

Remember. No donation is too small! Every bit goes to support CoE initiatives for future teachers. Here's an idea. Think about the year of your graduation. If you graduated in 1999, then consider giving a donation of $19.99! What a great way to celebrate that special day again.
College of Education Foundation Accounts
Number Account
264 College of Education (General)
2001 College of Education (Scholarship)
2026 College of Education (Internships)
264 Coastal Savannah Writing Project
237A Adult Education
286 Early Childhood Education
258 Health and Physical Education
237 Middle Grades and Secondary Education
179 Special Education

Your News

Armstrong alumni are always on the move, achieving great things, and expanding their horizons. We love to hear about what you are doing, and we like to share it with other alumni. Share your news about promotions and career changes, honors and awards you have received, changes in your family, additional education or certifications, or anything else you want to share.