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Faculty Development: Teaching Resources

Faculty/staff are encouraged to share links with the Center for Teaching & Learning to have included as resources. See the Lane Library's Faculty Handbook for great information on resources and services available to you, as an Armstrong faculty member, through its website and wonderful staff!

TeachStrong Podcasts

Here is a link to our new TeachStrong Podcast series! Here are a list of the episodes with transcripts to follow:

Welcome to Teach Strong   PDF: Welcome

Meet the Staff of Armstrong’s Center for Teaching and Learning   PDF: Staff

Lane Library’s Minis Room: An Armstrong Treasure    PDF: Minis

Teaching with the Times: Armstrong’s Campus Read    PDF: Times

Preventing Computer-Related Pain and Injury    PDF: Prevention

Engaging and Effective Online Teaching    PDF: Effective

Meeting the Learning Needs of All Students through Web Accessibility   PDF: Accessibility


Web Resources of Teaching and Learning

Technology & Teaching

Podcasting Resources