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Registrar: eCore

What is eCore?

eCore –eCore courses are core courses taught entirely online, except for the occasional proctored exam. eCore courses are delivered through the University of West GA to University of Georgia System Institutions.

What if I have question about eCore?

Please direct questions about eCore courses to:
eCore Contact information:
eCore Help Line: 678-839-5300

What should I expect from an eCore course?

Visit the USG "Is eCore Right for Me?" webpage to learn about what eCore courses entail (

Visit the USG "Courses" webpage to read the course descriptions, prerequisites, and sample syllabi ( You must have completed any prerequisites applicable to any eCore course.

How do I identify an eCore course in PORT/SHIP?

eCore courses will have the Campus code “E” and will be listed in term G01,G02,G03. They will have a note below them that says “"This course is a fully online e-Core transfer course. Online orientation required at prior to registration."

** POLS 1101 courses in eCore are NOT the same course as POLS/HIST 1100. POLS/HIST 1100 satisfy Core Area E1 and all 4 Georgia Legislative requirements in US/GA Constitution and History. POLS 1101 from eCore satisfies E1 and only the US/GA constitution requirements. By taking eCore POLS 1101 you understand that you MUST also take HIST 2111 or HIST 2112 to fulfill the US/GA History requirements. NO waivers of this requirement will be given for students who take POLS 1101 through eCore and do not take HIST 2111/2112 in E4.

What do I need to do to register for an eCore course?

Speak to your Armstrong advisor to make sure that the eCore course you are interested in is RIGHT for your program of study. You should consider Armstrong online courses before you take an eCore course, since eCore courses run on a different calendar than Armstrong courses, the courses are considered transfer credit and you are personally responsible for understanding the eCore policies and procedures.

The eCore introduction must be viewed before you can be registered for an eCore class. The introduction can be found at After you complete the introduction you will take a brief quiz to assess your understanding. If you do not pass the quiz with a score of 80 or higher, you will be redirected to take the quiz again. If you pass the quiz with a score of 80 or higher, you will receive a follow-up email from eCore.

If you have questions, please contact: After successful quiz submission, it takes 24-48 hours or more to update your academic records. The 24 hour period excludes weekends and holidays. After your academic records are updated you will be able to register for any eCore course via Port/SHIP.

How do I drop or withdraw from an eCore course?

Students can drop a course within the Drop window set by eCore (may not match Armstrong’s add drop period). If you want to drop a course after the last Drop day, you will receive a W. If you are having difficulty in your eCore class, please contact your eCore Advisor.

The eCore course withdrawal policy and instructions can be found here: This is NOT the same as the Armstrong withdrawal policy and the dates and procedures are different. It is the student’s responsibility to follow eCore procedures.

Are eCore courses Armstrong courses or Transfer Course?

As a non-affiliate of eCore, eCore courses that Armstrong students take will appear as transfer credit on your transcript. When taking eCore courses, Armstrong is considered your home institution for financial aid, satisfactory academic progress, residency and other purposes.

What are the fees for Armstrong Core Online and eCore classes?

Armstrong Core online and eCore courses are the same price. Additional expenses include textbooks, laboratory materials and course materials. A test proctoring charges will be incurred for eCore classes. Also, all students will pay a mandatory campus fee as well as a technology fee.

Where does my eCore tution go? Can I get a refund?

Your tuition for your eCore course is sent to eCore. None of your tuition is retained by Armstrong. Armstrong retains fees associated with taking classes. Refunds associated with withdrawals are made only in the case where a student withdraws completely from all classes for a term. Refunds are based on the date of the withdrawal and are prorated. By University System of Georgia rule, refunds are not initiated for withdrawing from a portion of registered classes.


eCore Testing

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents requires that each eCore course contain at least one proctored experience of significance. Exams in eCore classes work differently than exams in traditional, on-campus classes, because they require you to plan, schedule and pay (testing fees may vary) for any and all appointments at a testing center. Armstrong testing fees are included in the Armstrong Core Online tuition, but not the eCore tuition. You will incur a fee of $25 for each exam you take from eCore at Armstrong testing services.

Students are responsible for scheduling and reporting their exams by the posted deadline. Students are responsible for looking at the course syllabus during the beginning of the semester well in advance of the midterm and/or final to confirm when exams are scheduled. Students are also responsible for being aware of the conditions and policies under which the exam will be proctored and administered. Failure to take a proctored examination will result in failure for the course, regardless of average of other grades.

Please schedule all testing with Armstrong Testing Services by calling 912.344.2582 Once you have an appointment, you would need to report the information to eCore Testing Services by completing the Exam Request Form (click here), on or before the posted deadline. It is imperative that you schedule your exam with the testing site before completing the Exam Request Form. Follow up with eCore Testing Services( if you have any questions.