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Registrar: DegreeWorks

Degreeworks Frequently Asked Questions

What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is a computerized degree audit program and academic advising tool designed to help students and academic advisors monitor progress towards degree completion. DegreeWorks combines your degree requirements with your coursework in an easy-to-read worksheet. The audit is a review of past and current coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements towards degree completion. The audit is divided into block requirements, and each block works like a checklist for that specific degree requirement (like core, Area F, major, etc.).

How does DegreeWorks determine which set of degree requirements to use?

DegreeWorks uses a student’s catalog year to determine the set of degree requirements to use when producing a degree audit. DegreeWorks is programmed to begin using only the 2013 – 2014 catalog year.

What if I am an undergraduate student, and my catalog year is before 2013-2014?

If you started Armstrong prior to Fall 2013 and have not changed your major or received admission into a program (such as nursing) you may use the “What If” component of DegreeWorks to audit your progress towards a new major or minor. You may run a "What If" audit on your current major or minor, but if you do, you must realize that the requirements for future catalog years may be different from the ones you are required to complete.

What are the benefits in using DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks will help you:

  • Determine what requirements you need to fulfill in order to complete your degree.
  • View individual course grades, cumulative and institutional grade-point average (a 2.0 is required to graduate in both), and major GPA.
  • Determine which courses you have taken or transferred, and which credits count as electives.
  • View transfer credits, waivers, substitutions, and exemptions applied toward degree.
  • See how your coursework could be applied toward another major or minor using the "What If" option.
  • Estimate how many semesters it will take you to graduate.
Can I see how many classes I have left to fulfill my degree requirements?

Yes. DegreeWorks is laid out in block format displaying degree, core, major, minor, and other requirements information. Look for unchecked boxes and “unmet condition” comments to identify requirements that you still need to complete.

How do I access DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks can be accessed by logging into the Port of Armstrong.

When should a student/advisor review a degree audit?

A degree audit can be reviewed at any time but it is recommended to do so at least four times a semester:

  • Before registration.
  • After registration to ensure courses apply to program requirements.
  • After grades for each semester are posted.
  • Any time changes are made to a record.
What are other uses for the degree audit?

You can use your audit to:

  • Review your progress with an academic or major advisor.
  • Create a list of questions to discuss with your advisor.
  • View required pre-requisites or co-requisites for a course.
  • Identify courses that need to be completed.
  • Select courses that meet your degree requirements.
  • Help determine a projected graduation date.
  • Choose a major.
  • Decide whether to add a minor.
  • View notes made by advisors regarding courses you need or academic advice given.
I think my audit is incorrect, whom do I contact?

For questions about why classes are not fulfilling requirements, you should contact the academic advisor listed for your college.

Ashlie Tyson, College of Education, 912-344-2760,

Shannon Vo, College of Health Professions, 912-344-2856,

Grace Fleming, College of Liberal Arts, 912-344-3035,

Carlos Colón, Academic Advising and Support, 912-344-3082,

Shannon Vo, Undeclared, 912-344-2856,

What if information in DegreeWorks isn't up to date?

There could be many reasons that information in DegreeWorks is not up to date. One is that DegreeWorks may not have been refreshed since a change was made to a student record. Information is refreshed nightly. To view the most current information, students should click on the “Process Now” button located on the top menu bar. Second, there could be some paperwork that must be completed. For example, if a grade change is pending, it is possible the form has not reached the Registrar's Office. Check with the Registrar's Office regarding information not being up to date.

Is it possible to print audit worksheets from DegreeWorks?

Yes. Press the print tab in the upper right of the DegreeWorks screen.

Why do I receive a blank window when I click the "Save as PDF" button?

A DegreeWorks audit is compiling a large amount of information and will take 15-20 seconds for the PDF file to generate. If after 20 seconds your PDF fails to load, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader and follow the installation steps on the site. If the PDF file is still not generated please contact IT Services Helpdesk for assistance.

Is DegreeWorks the same as my transcript?

No, your DegreeWorks audit provides you with academic information related to your degree program progression. It displays courses required and completed in your degree program. Your transcript is your official academic record and provides a chronological list of courses completed and other academic information.

Can I register for classes in DegreeWorks?

No, DegreeWorks is a snapshot of courses in-progress, planned, and in your academic history. Registration and drop/add are still handled through SHIP and other already-established procedures.

Can I change a major through DegreeWorks?

No, to change your major, log into Port and access SHIP. Go to Student Services and Financial Aid, then click Academic and Account Information. Choose the Change Major (Degree Program) link, and change your major.

Are my grades visible in DegreeWorks?

Yes. Once grades have been processed at the end of the semester, they are viewable in DegreeWorks.

Does the DegreeWorks audit show all my courses even if I have taken them elsewhere?

Yes, all courses transferred in from other colleges, taken in the military or in study abroad should show on your degree audit.

Why isn't my transfer work meeting a requirement?

There could be two reasons. First, the course did not meet either the minimum number of credits and/or minimum grade requirement for use in your program of study. Second, all requirements have been met and this course is simply not needed.

What is the "What If" feature?

The “What If” audit will show you what coursework is required for a new major or minor, what courses you have taken that satisfy the requirements for the new program, and what courses are still left for you to take. By choosing a new major to explore under the “What If” feature, you are not permanently changing your SHIP major.

Can my advisor see my What If scenario?

Since "What If" scenarios are not stored on DegreeWorks, your advisor can only see your results if the two of you work through a "What If" procedure together.