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Registrar: Attendance

Attendance and Student Responsibility 

It is the student’s responsibility to verify the accuracy of their course schedule at all times. It is imperative that the student verify the accuracy of their course schedule during the attendance verification period.

Students are responsible for dropping all classes that they do not plan to attend or complete.  Students are also responsible for registering or adding classes for which they wish to receive credit.  Drop/adds must be completed during the drop/add period which is defined on the academic calendar for each term or part of term.

Attendance and Grades

The effect of attendance on course grades is left to the discretion of instructors. Students are responsible for knowing everything that is announced, discussed, or lectured upon in class as well as for mastering all outside assignments. Students are also responsible for submitting all assignments, tests, recitations, and unannounced quizzes on time.

Instructors are responsible for informing all classes what constitutes excessive absence in the course through the syllabus and at the first meeting . Students are responsible for knowing and complying with attendance regulations in all their courses. Instructors may withdraw students from any course with a grade of W or WF on or before the midterm semester dates or with a grade of WF after the midterm semester dates if, in their judgment, absences have been excessive.

Attendance and Enrollment

Federal regulations require the University to confirm that students are attending class before financial aid will be released to the students. Faculty must verify attendance for all students in all classes regardless of whether or not the student is receiving financial aid. Students will not receive aid for and may be dropped from classes which they did not attend.

The attendance verification period is on the academic calendar for each term or part of term. In general, this verification occurs during the first few days of the short terms or the first week of full terms. Faculty are encouraged to verify attendance the day of the first class meeting.