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PirateCard: FAQs

Why do we have a PirateCard?

The main reason is to provide more secure cardholder identification; also, the card is capable of accessing more products and services and at more locations than previous ID cards. It is a safe way to purchase items and services on campus without carrying cash.

How much does the PirateCard cost?

Your first PirateCard is FREE. Replacements for lost or stolen cards cost $10. Damaged cards can be replaced for $5 when you turn the card (this includes damage to the magnetic strip). Replacement fees can be paid in the PirateCard Office with debit or credit cards. Cash payments must be made at the Bursar's Office in Victor Hall.

What do I need in order to get my PirateCard?

STUDENTS, FACULTY, and STAFF: You will need to know your ASU ID number (a nine-digit number starting with 907) and present a photo ID such as a current/valid drivers license, military I.D. or passport.

CONTRACTORS: You will need to bring a completed Contractor Card Request form signed by your supervisor to the PirateCard Office and present a photo ID such as a current/valid drivers license, military I.D. or passport.

ALUMNI CARDS: Alumni are eligible for an Alumni Card when they donate a minimum of $35 to the Armstrong Foundation, and the card is renewable yearly by donation.For more information, please contact Alumni Affairs at 912.344.2586

Where do I get my PirateCard?

If you are a new student, you will have your ID made when you attend Navigate. If don't attend Navigate, you will need to go to the PirateCard Office, located on the 2nd floor of the Student Union, Room D245.

How can I add money to my PirateCard?

You can add funds to your PirateCard in the Bursar's Office in Victor Hall; at kiosks located in Lane Library and  the Student Learning Commons; and online through your PirateCard eAccount, accessible through Port of Armstrong. In addition, you can add funds to your PirateCard on the go by using the Blackboard Transact Mobile App.

Can my parents add money to my PirateCard account?

Yes, anyone can make a "Guest Deposit" into your account by following the links at Manage my Account. They will need to know your first and last name (as it is on file with the university) and your student ID number.

Can I use my PirateCard to get cash?

No. The PirateCard is not an ATM card or credit card. It cannot be used to obtain cash or cash advances.

Do I get free prints on my account?

Yes. $8.80 is added to your Pharos account each semester you are enrolled for printing and is accessible with your PirateCard. This amount does not roll over from one semester to another. You may add additional funds to your Pirate Cash account to be used for printing if you need more.

Is there is limit to how much money I can add to my card?

No, there is no limit to the amount of money that can be added to your PirateCard account.

Can anyone else use my PirateCard or can I loan my card to a friend or family member?

No! Never allow anyone to use your card for any reason; your card may be revoked if improperly used.

What else can I use the PirateCard for on campus?

It is your ID card to verify that you are a student. You use it to enter the Student Recreation Center, use the Student Health Center, attend intercollegiate games in the Sports Center, use the tennis courts, participate in intramural games, attend programs in the Fine Arts Auditorium and specified programs sponsored by the Campus Union Board, and print in computer labs. This is just an abbreviated list, additional services are added regularly.

What should I do if I lose my card or realize that it has been stolen?

If you should lose your card for any reason, it is important to deactivate it immediately to prevent anyone from accessing your funds. To freeze or deactivate your card, log in to your PirateCard eAccount via Port of Armstrong.  Once logged in, click the “Deactivate/Activate” link at the top of the page. This will take you to the page where you will select your card number to be deactivated.  Once you have found your PirateCard or purchased a replacement card ($10 fee), you will need to follow the steps above to “activate” your card once more.  Additionally, you can deactivate/activate your PirateCard from the Blackboard Transact Mobile App or by coming by the PirateCard Office.

Can I see a report of my transactions and balance?

Yes, you can go online to your PirateCard Account and print a transaction report. We recommend that you check this report monthly. You may request, through your online account, an email alert notifying you that your monthly report is ready. Reports for your account are only kept for the previous three months.

If I graduate, withdraw, or as an employee leave Armstrong, can I get the unused balance from my PirateCard?

Refunds are available from non-contractual accounts with a balance of $25 or more. Non-contractual accounts are Pirate Cash, Dining Dollars, and Bookstore Bucks. The university has the right to charge your PirateCard account for debts or liabilities you owe to the university. A check with the remaining balance will be sent to the address indicated on your PirateCard Balance Withdrawal Request form.