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Online Course Support: Online Faculty Status

Before faculty teach courses fully online, they should earn online faculty status. The Office of Online and Blended Learning provides programming so that faculty may earn that status. Faculty in all academic departments have been certified to teach online, and the number of online faculty is growing. Part-time and full-time faculty can participate in online teaching and assessment at several levels:

Online Faculty Status

Currently, the Office of Online and Blended Learning awards online teaching status for faculty who have completed the course Teaching Online offered through Quality Matters. This course offers a thorough foundation for faculty who have never taught online. To qualify to take this course, faculty must be actively employed at Armstrong, either full-time or part-time, and they must have a valid Armstrong email address and access to the Port of Armstrong. The Office of Online and Blended Learning covers the cost of this online instruction. Faculty do not earn extra compensation for taking this course; however, online teaching status qualifies faculty for further opportunities which might include earning extra compensation.

Online Peer Reviewer Status

Faculty can become peer reviewers for other online courses by completing the twoweek online course Applying the Quality Matters Rubric (AAPQMR) followed by the Quality Matters Peer Reviewer course. Faculty earning this status will be qualified to serve as peer reviewers for Armstrong (and other) courses using the Quality Matters rubric. The office of Online and Blended Learning covers the cost of these courses. Once qualified, peer reviewers may earn extra compensation for participating on peer review teams. They may also gain greater familiarity with the teaching practices of peers inside and outside their own disciplines.

Prerequisites: Full-time employment at Armstrong, Armstrong online teaching status

Master Reviewer Status

A master reviewer serves on a peer review team to ensure the integrity and consistency of the peer review process through Quality Matters. They manage the peer review process and assist other peer reviewers in offering constructive recommendations to faculty whose courses are under review. In order to chair a peer review team, one must be a master reviewer. To achieve this status, faculty must take the Quality Matters course Master Reviewer Certification. The Office of Online and Blended Learning covers the cost of this course. Upon receipt of thiscertification, faculty may earn extra compensation by serving as team chairs for online peer reviews. 

Prerequisites: Successful completion of the following Quality Matters courses: Applying the Quality Matters Rubric and Peer Reviewer Course; certification as a peer reviewer; and experience serving on two official higher education Quality Matters-managed or subscriber-managed course reviews (not internal course reviews).

For more information about achieving any online teaching or review status, contact the Office of Online and Blended Learning at (912) 344-3607 or at