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Online Course Support: Online Course Development and Review

The Center for Teaching and Learning subscribes to Quality Matters (TM), an online course review process grounded in rigorous research and administered by Maryland Online. By assisting faculty through the peer review process, the Center for Teaching and Learning helps Armstrong's faculty deliver appropriate, accessible, and innovative instruction for online and blended courses. Faculty interested in submitting an online course for Quality Matters (TM) review should first view this orientation video

Course Development and Review Process

STEP 1: Course Development Agreement
Complete the Online Course Development Agreement, making sure to read it carefully before signing. As you determine your completion date, give yourself 20 weeks for the entire process. Enter that date of completion (month, date, and year) in item nine on page three. After it is endorsed by the faculty member, department head, and college dean, the form then goes to the Director of Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). After the Director of CTL endorses the agreement, it will be taken to Academic Affairs for the Provost’s decision.

STEP 2: Contact the Center for Teaching and Learning, 912.344.3607 or and inform the staff that you have submitted an online course development agreement. The OBL director or instructional designers will assist you in signing up for the online course to prepare you for the reivew. They will also assist you as you apply for a Quality Matters course review.

STEP 3: Design and Develop the Class
An instructional designer will schedule an initial consultation. S/he will help you to design your course to meet the Quality Matters Standards for course design and prepare you for the Quality Matters (QM) peer review that will come at the end of course development.

STEP 4: Get Your Course Reviewed
Near the close of the design and development phase, you will conduct a QM self review (we have instructions for doing this). This review is only concerned with the design of your course, not your methods of delivery. After you are satisfied your course would pass a QM peer review, the Director of CTL will obtain and assign peer reviewers and shepherd your course through the process. Your course may pass on the first review, or it may need some adjustments. If it needs adjustments, make them quickly and resubmit so that peer review team finishes its job.

STEP 5: Shout from the Rooftops
After your course passes peer review, you are able to display a QM badge on your syllabus saying it passed peer review. Please do so. You may also display the badge on your department’s website indicating that course has passed. Having your courses pass peer review is also good to use when going up for tenure/promotion or for annual review.